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Monday, April 21, 2008

Zeen Review: Jutchy Ya Ya #36


via Simon Gray's Web Candy on 4/19/08

JUTCHY YA YA #36 by Adam Ford

    'Jutchy Ya Ya' is very similar in publication to Ianto Ware's recent 'The Little Nerd Band That Could', which was published under a 'Quick Release' publishing schedule named after some bike thing. They're not the prettiest zeens in the world, putting their emphasis instead on producing something quickly. A difference between the two series is that Ianto set his up as a 4 issue miniseries & Adam Ford's been publishing 'Jutchy Ya Ya' indefinitely & is now up to the whopping # of 36, that's 'Mavis McKenzie', 'Laughter & the Sound of Teacups' territory & that's fairly impressive. Adam slap together 8 pages of content in as little time as he can & there you have it. He's got it down to a template layout that starts the zeen like a newspaper with just a title & then the content begins. I've found that a little confusing in the past 'cause so many zeens have a blanker cover page, meh. The feature article is about Adam's decision to delete his Facebook account & why – an opiniony piece on the crapness of one of the internet's star systems. These accounts on new media experiences are a popular & engaging debate, primarily centered on a MySpace vs. Facebook binary. & So I enjoyed Adam's 2 cents & I'm interested in Facebook discussion after MySpace copped a lot of flack getting sold to News Ltd. There's also articles on non-Facebook scrabble, genre fiction (comparing it to Klingon) & a cartoon, review & weblink section, all squeezed into 8 pages. With only 8 pages it's of course lightweight but Adam's a very intelligent guy & the material, though brief, is engaging & delightful. & There's an online version so you can read it right now by using this URL: http://www.labyrinth.net.au/~adamford/pages/zines/jutchy/jutchy36p1.html


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