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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Skyline Review (Winter 2008 Issue)

via Feminist Review by Feminist Review on 3/22/08
Water Forest Press

Skyline Review's Winter 2008 Issue is more like a beautiful anthology than a quarterly journal. Its front and back cover art is exquisite. This issue features twenty-two fiction writers and twenty-eight poets. In times where it has become increasingly tough to find short story and poetry markets, Skyline Review is a pleasure to open. Such stories as "The Visit" by Lynne M. Hinkey made for interesting reading and proves Skyline Review offers a venue to emerging short story writers. "The Visit" is a story about a young couple moving through their careers and lives at a fast pace until one day something stops both of them in their tracks. It is a story of regret and lessons learned too late.

"The Placement of Roses" by Joanna M. Weston is another story well worth the reader's time. It captures a man approaching retirement. Mr. Quinn has taken only one sick day in his twenty-four year career with General Foods Bakery. He wakes up one morning with the idea of planting roses and calls in sick. Weston captures Mr. Quinn's garden and brings it alive for the reader in her description and vivid images. This story reminds me of a long poem; it is written so tightly.

Literary journals are only as good as the editors who put the issues together. Victoria Valentine has a knack of bringing fine prose, poetry, and art within beautiful covers. Valentine is both a publisher and a writer. Her beautiful publications promise more success to come.

Review by Ann Hite
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