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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brainscan #30

New Zine: Brainscan #30 - 30 issues in 15 years!

Brainscan Zine #30!
Growing (literally and figuratively) taking on adventurous tasks year by year from travel to zine tours to event organizing, teaching (or not teaching), and opening and transitioning Portland Button Works zine distro and button shop in Portland, Oregon.
40 pages, 1/4 sized, 5 color Risograph printed on recycled paper
available in my Etsy shop and Portland Button Works distro and brick and mortar shop in Portland, Oregon
Or stick $4 US ($5 rest of the world) postage paid and send it to:
Alex Wrekk
c/o Portland Button Works
1322 North Killingsworth
Portland, Oregon 97217 USA
Or PayPal $4 to brainscanzineATgmailDOTcom

Disappearance of Gordon Page Jr

Comic Review: The Disappearance of Gordon Page Jr.

The Disappearance of Gordon Page Jr.
by Robert Hendricks
digest / 10 pages / $1

Unexplained and unsolved disappearances fascinate me. How do people just vanish? Why? Where do they go to? Sadly, I suspect that the reality is that many people who go missing meet with "foul play". Yet even in the age of ultra surveillance (Big Brother is Everywhere) people still go missing of their own volition and never look back.

Robert Hendricks has drawn / narrated a true story of a (possibly) autistic young man who vanished from a residential treatment group home in Michigan.This comic is brief but powerful, giving us glimpses into Gordie Page's life, and the mystery of his vanishing.

We may never know what happened to Gordon Page Jr.and thousand of others. And that is a travesty.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dodo Comics #3

Dodo Comics #3 Winter 2013

I've been reading Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, which I checked out from the library.  But nothing prepared me for Dodo Comics #3 Winter 2013 by Grant Thomas.

It's abstract comics, something I had never really seen before.  There are no words, and there are no pictures to speak of.  There are just lines.  What do the lines represent?  They just seem to be lines.

I started reading with high spirits.  Despite the lack of words and lack of pictures, I tried really hard to feel the feelings I thought that maybe I was supposed to be feeling.  I tried really hard to open my mind and understand.  I think my efforts paid off for the first comic, Sonnet #1.  I did get something from it, though I don't know how to articulate what.

By the next comic and the next, my spirits were lower.  I tried to go with Sonnet #2.  The lines in Sonnet #2 are all curves.  I tried to feel the curved feelings, or the reponse-to-curved feelings.  I didn't do so well.

By Sonnet #3, I was feeling like I Just Didn't Get It.  Something was happening that was beyond me.

The three untitled poems that end the zine were lost on me.  I clung to the text on the back cover where Grant Thomas talks about his accomplishments.  But that wasn't the comics.  That was blurbs. 

Overall, I would have to say that despite my efforts, I failed as a reader.  Dodo Comics #3 is not meant for someone like me.  I think the audience is a die hard comics person who has a deeper understanding of comics theory.  Or someone who's really good at abstraction and who doesn't need words.  Or pictures.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

more great new zines

more great new zines

I just added more great new zines to the distro

this powerful, well crafted zine, written by a girl in highschool, is about watching her sister become suicidal and start cutting and eventually going to the psychiatric hospital, and herself becoming a ghost in the family. Her sister telling about being sexually abused by her grandfather, and the writer remembering her abuse too. Powerful and brave.

SCAM #9: DAMAGED The story of Black Flag's Classic First Album!
Not just about Black Flag, but about the whole political and social fabric of the country and L.A. and punk of this time. Super interesting.

SCAM: The First Four Issues! the mutiny in miami and more...
SCAM started in '91. This is a compilation of the early issues, which are so great! "Squatting in Miami! Stealing Electricity from Lampposts! Illegal Generator Punk Shows!Scam Punks First Freight Train Ride..."

Pasan Los Dias Days Go By
About growing up in Mexico - punk in Mexico, finding Anarchism, telling her family about being raped, being part of a punk scene where politics and punk went hand in hand - and then the apathetic punk influence starting to come in to the scene, womyn in punk, Ladyfest, and so much more!

Cheer the Eff Up #3
If you've already read #1 + #2, then you know how good this zine is. This issue Jonal realizes he's a henchman to real-life supervillains, reconnects with old friends and works on getting his life back. being shy, Art Night, Occupy Wall Street, Confusing Anarchy with Apathy. Jonas is a gifted storyteller, and even if it is (partially) fictional (or is it?) the stories are so TRUE, and so tragic and redemptive.

Skinned Heart Quatro
About recovering from an emotionally and physically abusive relationship - some of the details of it. I am always so proud when people have the ability to write about what exactly was the abuse, because emotional abuse is so commonly not recognized when we're in it, and it can really help to see other people's experiences - to be able to say "yes! That is what it was like for me too!" And it is also so good to read about her becoming herself again - learning to have confidence, taking care of herself, her current healthy relationship, still caring about the world and people.
Also about Assimilation and Resistance, living away from her family and longing for her cultural roots (living in Seattle instead of the South West), family history and that feeling of living in dual realities, and assimilation being hard to stop.

Close to my Heart: a breast zine (and, perhaps, a memorial)
a zine born from exploring and growing into their gender-queer identity. Writing about gender-queerness, family and memories and embodied experiences about their breasts in preperation for deciding about getting top surgery.

Nashville Transit.
About being a transguy and riding public transportation during early transition. There's verbal and sexual harrassment, and transphobia and homophobia, and also some really amazingly sweet stories. I love the last story most of all - about sitting on a plane and the girl sitting next to him is on her way to a camp in Tennessee because she tried to kill herself and thinks she might be gay, but her parents say she'll go to hell if she's gay - and I won't ruin the story by telling you the rest. 

thou shalt not talk about the white boys' club: challenging the unwritten rules of punk
I know that in many, many towns, the punk scene is different than where I have lived - I've seen it in many other places. This zine comes out of Lancaster PA, and is written by Sari (of Hoax and You've Got a Friend... zines) They write in the intro: "I've uncovered 7 hidden commandments for access into this punk syndicate, and attempt to deconstruct them..." they include 1. Thou Shalt Not Get Dressed Without A Mirror, 2. Thou Shalt Fear The Feminine 6. Thou Shalt be Pure (purity in politics, behaviors, and interests ... etc.
It includes cultural critiques, personal experiences, and has a list of questions at the end of each section to help open up dialogue.

A Compilation zine written by people involved in Slutwalk. There are personal stories about street harrassment and the difficulty of holding in all the rage and sorrow, about rape and sexual assault and how invisible lesbian or queer assault can be, the double standard about how women are taught to prevent rape but people are not taught not to rape in the first place, victim blameing, slutwalk photos, and more.
I have always wondered about Slutwalk, since it doesn't happen where I live, and it is really good to read the wide variety of ages and voices involved in this compilation.

Monday, January 28, 2013

R.I.P. Zine World

the end of Zine World

After much consideration I have decided to stop publishing Zine World.

I announced in November my intent to step down ad publisher and head editor of ZW. At that time I had hoped to create a new editorial team to relaunch the zine. A few people stepped forward; unfortunately, we haven't been able to gain traction, and I can no longer continue as the zine's leader. My life has changed over the past few years, and I can no longer give the zine the time and energy it deserves.

Zine World #31, released last summer, is our final issue. I will issue refunds to current subscribers, until funds run out. I have several dozen zines on hand that were sent in for review. If you want your zine(s) back, please email me at jerianne@undergroundpress.org no later than January 31 to make arrangements. Otherwise, the zines will be donated to one or more zine libraries.

I plan to keep the website active to continue providing resource listings for the zine community.  I also plan to continue publishing and reading zines, so maybe I'll see you around the mailbox.

I want to give a heartfelt thank you to all of the volunteers and readers who have shown support to ZW during the past 15+ years. Zine World would not have lasted as long as it did if not for you. Although I am sad to see Zine World end, I am glad that a decade and a half after Doug Holland started ZW, zine publishing is still going strong, with tons of creative, vibrant, and meaningful publications.

Ghosts I Have Seen

Chapbook Review: Ghosts I Have Seen

Ghosts I Have Seen: Chapter 1 - Silk Dress and Rumpus
by Violet Tweedale

20 pp / half letter / $4

Violet Tweedale (d. 1939) was the rarest of souls – passionate, literate, a spiritualist, artist, musician, with ceaseless energy. She wrote dozens of novels, short stories and essays with a depth of imagination rarely seen in today’s literature. This makes Joseph Carlough’s reprint of “Ghosts I Have Seen – Chapter One: Silk Dress and Rumpus” (originally written in 1919, the year both of my parents were born!) all the more refreshing, with delightfully fey / inspired drawings by Saint Beckett. Violet reveals herself and her spiritual experiences slowly, wrapping the reader in her philosophy and musings as the text expands. This may be a true ghost story or remembered childhood dreams and fantasies. Regardless, her writing is compelling and this chapbook is gorgeously printed and choreographed.

I fervently hope that Mr. Carlough follows through with his project to reprint more chapters from Violet Tweedale’s “Ghosts I Have Known” memoir in chapbook form.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Grunted Warnings 14

Grunted Warnings 14

Grunted Warnings #14 $2 or Trade, Stratu, POB 35, Marrickville NSW 2204, AUSTRALIA. / This is a bizarre assortment of newspaper clippings from around the world assembled by Stuart Stratu of BlackGuard fame. The titles of newspaper articles alone are why newspapers must never die. Grunted Warnings illustrates this in a profoundly entertaining way, titles such as, “Fatal fury at bearded lady” or, “Piranhas snack on tourists”. If you are looking for an interesting conversation starter at your next cocktail party, leave this zine out on your coffee table. The cover alone should set things in motion right off.

Something for Nothing #63

Something for Nothing #63
digest, 36 pages, free
After a 5 ½ year hiatus, Idy is back with a new issue (the first of several) of Something for Nothing. I was super excited to see this in my PO Box, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who considers this a very welcome return. Something for Nothing, to me, stands out as one of the best music and review focused zines around and has one of my favorite layouts. In this “resurrection issue,” Idy spends almost half the space writing extensively about each Dead Milkmen release (Idy’s favorite band). Next Idy offers more than a dozen book reviews, followed by reviews of a few 1960’s ska compilations. The most unique offering, though, is Idy’s section of short reviews of many of the Subway restaurants he has patronized over the years. Idy has a very personal and personable tone in all of his writing, and his zines are always very text heavy and full of fun information. If you have never read an issue of SfN, which I would find hard to believe to be the case for anyone who has been involved in the zine world for any length of time now, this return issue is an excellent place start. Welcome back, Idy!
516 3rd Street NE
Massillon OH 44646

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ray X X-Rayer #92 & 93

Zine Review: Ray X X-Rayer #92 & 93

Ray X X-Rayer
#92 / #93
PO Box 2
Plattsburg NY 12901-0002

One of the most consistently entertaining and informative zines I read is Ray X X-Rayer. Issue #92 is 12 pages (an expanded format for Ray’s zine), half-letter sized. Ray launches the issue with a farewell tribute to ufologist Jim Mosely of Saucer Smearzine. Then Ray details software woes, takes another foray into the ether with the Liberty Net crew from 3950 kHz, writes a report on a man who has announced he is making a leap off of a cliff into the unknown as the winter solstice arrives in Sedona, AZ, shares an idea for a cool unreality TV series and Ray closes out this issue with zine reviews of Fadeaway and Opuntia, two zines that I read on a regular basis.

Issue #93 is back to the one page double sided format. Ray updates the exploits of the leaping man, talks about old time film serials, and updates the raving and ranting from zealous shortwavers. This zine is always excellent reading, so send Ray as many bucks as you can spare and your postal address. 

End of the Year Distro Update!

End of the Year Distro Update!

2013 Famous Faces Calendar (Wall Calendar) ($7)- A nice, mid-sized wall calendar with paintings of famous faces from a bygone era of music. Featuring early rock n' roll, soul, and country legends.
2013 Quickest Flip Calendar & CD (Wall Calendar/Art Print/CD) ($20)- A gorgeous single-sheet wall calendar. PLUS a CD with a song for every month of the year (from Karl Blau, Ruby Pins, Mega Bog, and many more).
All My Fathers (Zine) ($1.50)- A sweet personal zine about all the people in his life that have stepped in as a father when he needed one. Talking about his work in mental health care and disability rights along the way.
Birds Notepad (Blank Book) ($4)- A beautiful notepad. 100% recycled and reused materials, unlined paper, spiralbound.
Day Magazine (Magazine) ($15)- Intricately restaging images from the '40s, '50s and '60s and using herself and her friends as models, Northwest artist Lenae Day creates some of the most brilliant and strange pieces of art.
Deaed Language- Rust Bowl Ballads, Vol. 1 (Cassette Tape) ($5)- Olympia-based political hip hop artist. Def Jux- influenced flow with lyrics that span from the natural world to metaphysics, community involvement to corporate greed.
Flying Machine Graph Paper Pad (Blank Book) ($6)- Already down to the very last one! An offset flying machine image. 100% recycled, reused materials. Graph paper, spiralbound.
Goodbye to Nervous Apprehension (Book) ($10)- Eleven essays from Michael Held, head of the amazing Portland small press, Perfect Day Publishing.
Harmony Harmonicas Postcard (Postcard) ($1)- Harmonicas in harmony.
I Think I Need a New Heart Postcard (Postcard) ($1)- An adorable, anatomically correct, postcard from Rachel Lee-Carman. No Valentine's Day hearts here. With a Magnetic Fields line prominently displayed.
Make it Last: Prolonging + Preserving What We Love (Book) ($6)- From the author of Make Your Place comes another amazing book about learning to do all the things you've always wanted to learn how to do. Beautifully handwritten and hand-drawn, Make it Last is a clean, easy to use, and accessible guide to creating a more sustainable life.
Marked for Life #8 (Zine) ($1.50)- Bus stories! Moving herself and her family across the country, Sage makes the transition out of car culture and into public transportation.
Meet Me At The Tree Fort Postcard (Postcard) ($1)- Bikes and tree climbing and hiding, all in one postcard. Hand-colored. Address and stamp lines on the reverse side.
Mend My Dress #9 (Zine) ($2)- This issue deals with home, relationships, travel, cleanliness, mental health, Martha Stewart, and death. Heavy, hard and beautiful, in the way that only Neely can.
Modern Candor (Magazine) ($15)- In Modern Candor, Northwest artist Lenae Day uses herself as a model and restages images from the '60s. The stories that accompany them are autobiographical, amusing, strange, and often seem straight out of an old magazine.
Ms. Valerie Park Distro Stickers (Sticker Pack) ($1)- A five pack of these little violin players. On high-quality vinyl. Art by Rachel Lee-Carman. One dollar.
A Paper Radio Reader (Zine) ($3)- A compendium of articles, old and new, from Paper Radio. A perfect introduction to Paper Radio's dedication to radio culture and making our own media.
Spider Sketchpad (Blank Book) ($6)- Up in a spider's web. 100% recycled and reused materials, unlined paper, spiralbound.
Summer Soul Gift Pack (Cassette Tapes) ($25)- All 7 volumes of the Summer Soul mixtape series. Each an hour of 60's & 70's soul. Northern soul, b-sides, originals, rhythm & blues, early funk, and more.
Sweet Greetings Card (Greeting Card) ($1)- A greeting card for any Winter holiday. Or new year. Or winter in general.
You Are Plural- No More (CD) ($4)- A beautifully packed, limited edition 3 song EP. Stunning, elaborate, pop songs for cello and wurlitzer.
You Are Plural Patch (Patch) ($5)- A lovely little hand-embroidered patch, made by Jen Grady of You Are Plural.


2013 Eberhardt/Justseeds Organizer, Pocket Size (Planner) ($7.50)
Building: A DIY Guide to Creating Spaces, Hosting Events and Fostering Radical Communities (Zine) ($4)
Growing Things: A Guide for Beginning Gardeners (Zine) ($3)
Kickball- Everything is a Miracle Nothing is a Miracle (10" LP) ($12)
The Prince Zine (Zine) ($5)

*Our buddy (and former distro helping hand), Rylie Lou, has recently started selling vintage clothing on Etsy. Check it out, she's got style.
*In other Etsy shop news, our friend Sage (of the long-running Sweet Candy Distro) has started selling many awesome handmade things on her Etsy page. Including zines her kids made!
*Our roomie and independent filmmaker, Zach Weintraub, was written up in Seattle Arts & Performance and The Stranger for his film, International Sign for Choking.
*Tomas Moniz (of Rad Dad & other awesome zines and books) was recently interviewed on POC Zine Project.
*Photographer friend extraordinaire, Patti Miller, just totally redesigned her website and it looks beautiful.
This all for now.

Until next year,

Friday, January 25, 2013

Somnambulist #20

Zine Review: Somnambulist #20

Somnambulist #20
$15 / 4 issues
Martha Grover
PO Box 14871
Portland OR 97293

Somnambulist #20 diverges somewhat from the usual literary format and focuses on Martha’s interests around food. This issue relates her food history which is an intriguing concept and would be helpful if more of us sketched out our experiences with our diets from birth until now to look at patterns of healthy / unhealthy eating. I strongly feel that our early (birth – five) experiences with food shape us for life. Somnambulist #20 also includes delectable recipes to make & try yourself. Great issue, and I’ll be looking forward to what Martha cooks up next time within the pages of Somnambulist . 

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