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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Ken Chronicles #21

The Ken Chronicles #21
digest, 28 pages, $2
Okay, so this issue is a little old, but it's never too late to write a review, right? This issue is filled with what you've come to expect from an issue of The Ken Chronicles, which isn't a bad thing at all. Ken tells a quick story of an unexpected piece of mail that he received from the police department. Next he gives an update on his genealogy research, which involves visits to old cemeteries. Later he gives a long account of a trip to Las Vegas for a destination birthday party for his neighbor and friend. One of the highlights of the trip is a visit to the world's busiest Denny's. "What I've Been _______ Lately" is always an interesting feature because you get all caught up on what Ken's been watching/listening to/reading/etc. lately, which is fun. Ken finishes off the issue by telling about a couple of scams of which you should probably be aware. This is always a fun zine with which to spend a little time.
Ken Bausert
2140 Erma Drive
East Meadow NY 11554


Monday, February 25, 2013

Native American Classics


Eureka Productions is pleased to announce the release of Native American Classics: Graphic Classics Volume 24, the newest volume in the Graphic Classics® series of comics adaptations of great literature.

Native American Classics presents great stories and poems from America’s earliest indigenous writers. Featured are “The Soft-Hearted Sioux” by Zitkala-Sa, “Anoska Nimiwina” by William Jones, “How the White Race Came to America” by Handsome Lake, and seven more tales of humor and tragedy. The book also features eight illustrated poems, including Alex Posey’s “Wildcat Bill” and E. Pauline Johnson’s “The Cattle Thief”. The series is edited by Tom Pomplun. Associate editors for this volume are noted Native American writers John E. Smelcer and Joseph Bruchac, who each contribute a piece to the book.

Sadly, artist and teacher Robby McMurtry was killed just weeks after completing his adaptation of Charles Eastman’s “On Wolf Mountain” for this volume. Publisher Eureka Productions and editor John E. Smelcer have pledged $1 for each book sold in the months of February and March 2013 to the Robby McMurtry Scholarship for the Arts. To make an additional donation, please find more information atwww.robbymcmurtry.com.
The Graphic Classics series presents the works of great authors in comics adaptations and heavily-illustrated text. The adaptations are written at an adult level, and utilize as much of the author’s original language as possible. Our goal is to create books that are enjoyable for adults, yet accessible to children ages twelve and up. Graphic Classics are available in bookstores and comics shops nationally, or direct from the publisher, Eureka Productions at http: ⁄ ⁄ www.graphicclassics.com.  

“Pulling from a rich tradition of fiction, poetry, and oral narrative, and illustrated by a who’s who of Native American creators, this twenty-fourth volume of the series sets the standard for comics and its engagement with American ethnic identity."
— Derek Royal, ComicsAlternative.com

“Collecting stories by Native American writers from the mid-nineteenth to early twentieth centuries, this is a fine plunge into a culture that’s been shamefully underrepresented in the format. Much care has been taken to match the appropriate art style to each adaptation, and each story—from the tragic to the funny—slips gracefully into its visuals."
— Jesse Karp, Booklist

NATIVE AMERICAN CLASSICS: Graphic Classics Volume 24
Edited by Tom Pomplun
Published March 2013, Eureka Productions
Distributed by Diamond Book Distributors
(ISBN 978-0-9825630-6-9
144 pgs, 7" x 10", paperback, full color $17.95


The Juniper #16

Hello friends and foes! The 16th issue of The Juniper is out now! It's about time, right? In this issue I write about embracing change, being human, raised bed gardening, the proper way to add organic matter to your garden, purposeful gardening, and pruning rosemary plants. This zine is free, but if you have a dollar or stamps to donate to the cause, that would be greatly appreciated as printing and mailing costs add up. I am also, for the first time, offering a pdf version of the zine. If you would like a free pdf copy, just send me a request by email. Otherwise, send your dollar or stamp(s) to the following address:

Dan Murphy
PO Box 9862
Boise ID 83707


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

hat genius 2

hat genius 2

I have a new hat genius out!

from the intro

I've decided to leave these poems mostly in the order than I wrote them. They tell the story of my life. You'll see me grieve more for my lost marriage, a lost friendship, a dying cat. You'll see the six-word poems I'm experimenting with, form courtesy of poet Michael Hannon. Thank you for witnessing me.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Samurai Dreams #6

Zine Review: Samurai Dreams #6

Samurai Dreams #6
60 Fairgrounds Road
Cummington MA 01026

Observant writing related to B-Movies from the past few decades written by a crew of film enthusiasts. If you are a MST3K or Cinematic Titanic fan (like me) or just love exploring the weird side of cinema, this zine may be perfect for your reading list. In addition to in-depth reviews, there are three fake reviews (kind of like the “bluff the listener” segment of NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me). I think I’ve spotted two of them, but I am hoping thatDaughter Snake: The Short Films of Felice Carpenter actually exists … it sounds like the type of treasure that VHS crate diggers would salivate over. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

MonkeyMask Hot Jupiters

Zine Review: MonkeyMask Hot Jupiters

Monkey Mask Hot Jupiters
20 pages / $4

Zines that delve this deeply into the psyche, into hope, into creating a new culture, resonate right down into my soul. The opening paragraph reads “When I close my eyes, I see white flashes. This place has toxified my life. There is a slow burn that is regenerative, but there comes a point where the burn is deep, destructive.”

Powerful words. The issue goes on to reveal the author’s travels, inner growth, beliefs, philosophies, musings. The overall tone is one of quest and questioning, and reaffirming that which heals us. 

Sheffield Zine Fest

I'm organising Sheffield Zine Fest 2013! It's at Electric Works which is right between the train station and bus station. So far some brilliant zinesters have confirmed to be tabling and it's gonna be awesome! Please come along if you're in the area. More info at sheffieldzinefest.wordpress.com.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cloudfather #3

Cloudfather #3

Cloudfather #3 , no price listed, cloudfather.tumbler.com, cloudfather.net, / Let me start by saying that I love art zines and Cloudfather is an art zine, so…it's already got a leg up in Randy’s review land (good name for a theme park). Initially, when I opened this zine up and thumbed through it I got a definite Neckface vibe. And although it is similar in style to Neckface, Cloudfather definitely has its own thing going. For me Kyle’s art has a graffiti-skate-gang tattoo-Hindu feel that’s very appealing. I loved the picture of the person standing in what appears to be Joshua Tree National Park with a Cloudfather mask on, I was both jealous and inspired. This zine made me curious to check out more of his work. Good stuff. Kyle also sent this mini zine along which has a bit more of his art in it:

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Radvocate #9

Issue #9 available now!

Check it ouuuuuuuuut
We are proud to announce the release of the 9th issue of The Radvocate! This issue features a cover from artist Sean Andress, as well as art & writing from Kevin Yee, Matt Lewis, Sunny Katz, Brian Krans, Joey McGarry, Anthony Muni Jr., Thomas Martin, Bruce Bales and Pietro Firincielli. 

Individual issues will be available at our store starting on Saturday, 2/9 for $2 each. If you are have a shop or bookstore, please contact us about receiving large quantities. This issue in particular is a limited release of only 100 copies, so get yours while you can!

If you are in the Los Angeles area, we will have a half-table at this years' LA Zine Fest, which is Sunday February 17th, from 11am-5pm at  the Ukrainian Cultural Center (4315 Melrose Ave). Come say hi and check out a lot of other rad zines!  

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fergus # 31

New Issue

A new zine for a new year - Fergus # 31 now available ($2 or trade, local or international, zines or stickers). It's my 'fanzine' issue & is about 'things I like' ... pineapples, hermit life, looking like shit, bitter grudges, music, letters and the royal show.

PO Box 1497, East Victoria Park, WA 6981, Australia; or message me here. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Parcel Ghost

Parcel Ghost

Check out this zine! Seems perfect for grade school or middle school kids (or anyone) who needs an introduction to the mail system. 


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Night Train to Mundo Fine #6

Night Train to Mundo Fine #6
8.5" x 7", 4 pages, $?
This zine is a quick read, but it's worth reading. First, there is a short and passionate prose about new technology and how invasive and impersonal it is. Next, there is a letter to the editor from someone who feels equally ardent about new technology. Finally, there is a DVD review of a documentary about an abandoned mining town. The theme seems to be about adjusting to a changing world and the resistance and nostalgia that goes along with that adjustment. Worth taking a look at for anyone who loves the print world.
Frederick Moe
36 W Main Street
Warner NH 03278

Blood Disease #2

Blood Disease for the Logic-Hearted #2 is now available!

Wow. After a long-ass hiatus, Blood Disease #2 is finished! It is a perzine written by two friends who refuse to drift apart, despite their growing up. It includes writings and drawings by myself and my buddy Apperson. It's 26 pages long and available for $2 (via paypal) or a trade! Woohoo! If you'd like a copy, send me a message or shoot me an email at lelzines [at] gmail [dot] com.

Losers Weepers #3

Losers Weepers #3
7″ x 7 1/4″, 36 pages, $5.00
The third installment of a fictional comic that is losely based around random letters, notes, flyers, etc. found by the aritst/writer, J.T. Yost. In the beginning of this issue, an illegal immigrant called Alvaro is making some copies of a flyer in a copy shop. The flyer is an adverstisement for Spanish lessons, of which Alvaro is the teacher. The flyer (one of J. T.'s finds) is written by someone who has terrible English, and so, of course, the employees of the copy shop have a good laugh over it. Later, Alvaro learns some bad news about his mother. Then he learns more bad news concerning his girlfriend. It's as if things couldn't get any worse, when ultimately Alvaro finds himself in the backseat of a cop car. This comic is entertaining and very well crafted, which is no surprise, really - I have yet to read a J.T Yost creation that I did not enjoy.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Offly Dark

The Offly Dark

The Offly Dark Vol. 1, Real American Gothic, no price listed, lurkmaple@gmail.com. / The first thing that got my attention in this zine is the art. There are some unique and very cool drawings inside this zine. Sometimes the drawings are intertwined within the poems, sometimes they stand alone. I love this dude’s style. The zine has a rough quality that I really appreciate. It consists simply of photo copies of what appears to be the author’s hand written poetry journals, and sketchbooks. The mistakes are scribbled out, or poorly erased with smudge marks included. And although this may sound careless or even sloppy, it actually creates a sense of warmth to the zine that I think wouldn’t otherwise exist. The poetry is pretty dark with interesting titles such as, “My Grandson The Cactus”. My one complaint is that some of the copied pages are blurry and too small to read.

Calls For Submission, Zine News, & New Releases!

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Happy February!                                                                               
In our last newsletter, we added a section for zine/book news and calls for submissions and we'd like to continue to let that little garden grow until it's a jungle. If you have news about your zine or book or related project you'd like us to report on, email Jessie (jessie@microcosmdistribution.com) and we'll get it in here!
Big thanks to everyone who's ordered from us these past few weeks of the new year. It's been a cold one out on the Hard Fifty Farm but we're looking to the future with some big dreams and crazy plans under our belt.
-Adam, Jessie, Rio, Thad, Laura, Matt

Zine news!
  • Rich Baiocco has sent us copies of his new mini zine, Boot N' Rally. Anyone who buys his excellent Death in a Rifle Garden zine here will get a free copy of it!
  • This Friday, February 1st, there will be a zine release party at Tin Pan Theater in Bend, Oregon for Rachel Lee-Carman's Shoe & Tail #11!
  • Nicole Georges is currently on a book tour for her new graphic memoir, Calling Dr. Laura. See dates here.
  • Pioneers Press owner Jessie Duke (Hard Fifty Farm zine) has a new tumblr! Check it out right here!
  • From our favorite Australian arts and culture magazine, No Cure: "If you haven't pre-ordered a copy of No Cure yet, now is the time. We still have a long way to go so please dig deep and support us by pre-ordering a copy for only $15 which includes delivery in Australia and $20 international. We can do it! Just click on the link and pledge! Thanks
  • Next time you're in Lawrence, Kansas you should stop by Wonderfair and check out their ever-growing zine section. It's pretty impressive.
  • Big Will Potter news. His excellent Green is the New Red is being translated and published in Serbia!
  • Congrats to zinester Sarah Mirk, the new online editor over at Bitch!
  • Tanner Ballengee dropped us a line to let us know he just finished his newest zine, Harsh Barge. Says Tanner, "It is a photo zine of around 80 film photographs documenting my travels through SE Asia and India by motorcycle." More info.
  • Let's hear it for Kansas City zine-makers! Jessica from KC got in touch to tell us the first two issues of her zine Stink Eye are available to read online. Jessica says, "keep your eyes out for issue #3 coming later this year!" More info.

Call for submissions!
  • Sarah Tabor in Okinawa, Japan is looking for submissions for her new Roller Derby zine! She's looking for derby-inspired art, photography, comics, and essays from fans and players. Why do YOU love the derby? Deadline is March 1st. Email sarahbear731@gmail.com
  • Submissions wanted for Confessions of a Terrible Mother: The Hidden Side of Parenting, a completely uncensored and anonymous look inside the mind of parents. Here's your chance to purge your fears, regrets, mistakes, dark thoughts, secret wishes, and more. Looking for essays 100-1500 words in length. Possible topics: What it's like parenting while struggling with mental health issues. Your secret coping mechanisms. Weird things your body did after pregnancy that people don't mention in "polite company." Things you wish someone had warned you about. Not limited to mothers--we'd love to hear from dads or other long-term guardians too. We'd also love to hear from folks whose kids are already grown! Will also consider comics or art on the subject. Deadline for the first issue is March 1st. Zine will be published by Pioneers Press. Email Jessie@microcosmdistribution.com
  • Submissions wanted for The Cruelty-Free Homesteader, a practical guide to rural and urban homesteading, and sustainable or off-the-grid lifestyles with a vegan/vegetarian focus. Looking for essays 100-2000 words in length, plus art, comics, vegan recipes, to-do lists, step-by-step project guides, tips, rural wit and wisdom, book reviews, etc. Possible topics: Living in harmony with non-vegan neighbors in rural communities. Raising vegan/vegetarian children in rural communities. Taking in rescue animals. Debating the use of eggs, wool, honey from your farm. Musings on staying cruelty-free in a post-apocalyptic society. Deadline for the first issue is March 1st. Zine will be published by Pioneers Press. Email Jessie@microcosmdistribution.com
  • Lovecraft House is looking for comics and illustrations (and some photography, along with songs "similar to the anthology's concept and themes") for "a new underground/horror/weird/sci-fi book anthology," The Weird World of Underground Comics. To submit, please email lovecrafthouse@gmail.com Deadline is Feb 6th. More info.
  • DCinruins zine is looking for submissions for their next issue. Says the folks behind it, "DCinruins is a zine documenting modest efforts to explore disused, abandoned, and decaying structures in the Washington, DC metro area ... If you have photos, stories, or information about the abandoned places featured on DCinruins--or other abandoned places in the DC area that I haven’t gotten a chance to cover yet--please consider sharing them with me." Email tkenning@gmail.com. More info.
  • Jessica from Kansas City's Stink Eye zine writes to say, "I am working on a new zine called Hate. Satirical aesthetics fueled the idea of this zine.  It's 'tough' outer appearance (echoing stark 7" covers and hc/punk style) will hopefully lure in some new readers who often overlook the DIY values that house the punk scene. The content will consist of rants, gripes, critiques, anecdotes, photos, comics, poems, etc. spanning a range of issues." For more info: Stinkeyepie@gmail.com

New releases in our distro catalog!
Shoe & Tail #11 by Rachel Lee-Carman (formerly Show & Tell) is one of our favorite zines right now.  You can feel the winter in these illustrated (comics/collaged) stories--the snow piling up, campfires, death, physical isolation. There's also a lot of heat, in a variety of forms--friendship, loud music, cooking, freedom, a day in the sun at Elk Lake, humor like a great rolling wave of good-tidings.
Miso Kitty is the story of the life and passing of a sweet little cat. Done in comic panel form with sparse but beautiful writing, Rachel's 40-page zine is a beautiful elegy to a life cut short, a devastating story but one that leaves you feeling like life isn't so hard and mean and brutal. Great gift for anyone you love who has lost an animal companion recently.

Here are our brand-new Pioneers Press buttons. SO STOKED to have this up on the site. Here's to new beginnings!
Nerd Punks pin. Brand new 1" button design! Note: comes in a wide variety of colors. If you'd like a specific color, let us know in the order notes.
$20 Mega-pack: The All-New "Rad Stuff Made by Our Staff" Pack! This pack is a big ol' honking stack of zines and printed work by folks who work for Microcosm Distribution/Pioneers Press! Zines, buttons, and patches by Adam Gnade, Jessie Duke, and Rio Safari!
FIFTH ESTATE--winter 2013 "Anarchism and Education" issue! Just in! The new issue of the excellent anarchist news magazine, FIFTH ESTATE! Articles in the new issue include but are not limited to: Anarchism and Violence, or State Violence; Propaganda of the Deed; Taking it OFF in the Streets! From RITUAL TO Resistance; John Zerzan in London; Vietnam: Gucci Meets Revolution; Art in Support of Prisoners; Grand jury targets anarchists; Life in the Body Dump--Kelly Pflug Back from Prison; Operation 8--Terror Down Under; Drones--Death by Spreadsheet.
$20 Mega-pack: Punk's Not Dead. In this mega-pack punk celeb chef Joshua Ploeg recalls the '90 on the left coast in Archvision. Read about the Irish punk scene in Loserdom #21, get train punky with an issue of Railroad Semantics, then go stare at the drop-dead beautiful Publick Occurrences 13 (which comes with a free sticker), fight some zombies along with the punx in an issue of Brains, get a little jaded with Cramhole, get responsible with Fort Mortgage, and top it off with THREE ISSUES of Billy Da Bunny''s long-running Proof I Exist.

Book List: Ten Essential Books to Get If You Plan on Homesteading, Going Back to the Land, or Doing any DIY Farming
We put together a little feature on our blog of books for future farmers and budding back to the landers. You can go check that out here. Suggested books include everything from Radical Gardening to When There is No Doctor to A Steampunk's Guide to the Apocalypse.

Hard Fifty Farm Report: February 2013, Snow Days and Sneaky Goats
This past week on the Hard Fifity Farm has been snow, snow, and nothin' but SNOW. (But then on Monday it was 76 degrees. Take that climate change doubters.) All the rescue animals are hunkered down and cuddling up. Except the ducks. They're tough as nails and they are currenly swimming in their half-frozen ice pond without a care in the world. Everyone else wants inside--even the chickens. It's not an uncommon thing to come into the kitchen to find a wandering pygmy goat or clucking white hen. Here's how things are looking ...

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