zine, [zeen] noun. 1. abbr. of fanzine; 2. any amateurly-published periodical. Oxford Reference


Sunday, August 13, 2006

JL Corbett

My name is JL Corbett, and I’m a science-fiction writer from Hull, East Yorkshire. I’m also a woman.

I love writing about aliens and oddities. My short story The Harbinger has both of these things, and was published by Storgy magazine earlier this year. I have a soft spot for short stories; some of my favourites are by Neil Gaiman, Isaac Asimov and Roald Dahl (I know that last one sounds a bit off – just trust me, and read them).

I’m also the editor of Idle Ink, a collaborative zine which focuses on work from new artists and writers. Copies can be bought from our Etsy store or from zine fairs throughout the north of England.

I enjoy reading zines of every type – so whatever you’ve got, send it my way! Contact me at j.l.corbett@outlook.com and I’ll reply with my postal address.  You can also find me on twitter

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