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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Decay #2

Echo Curio on Sunset Boulevard

seems like a decade in scene years, Echo Curio on Sunset Boulevard has served the all-ages community as a performance space, an art gallery, and a boutique for obscure music and zines--all the time teetering on the brink of the financial ruin that comes from the sin of trying to serve Los Angeles' cultural needs without also serving drinks. Now that the powers that be have finally put their zoning talons into the Curio's neck, that ruin is imminent, and the venue has announced it will be closing by the end of the year.

Blue Floral Gusset and Death of a Scenester 2

Fire to the Prisons #10

Zine B

Zine B
by Tor Press.

The second in the series of zines each based on a letter of the alphabet from Tor Press. 22 illustrators/ designers were asked to create an image with B as the theme. The zine is A5, grayscale and has a screenprinted cover.
Limited to 100 copies.

Nous Vous
Ben Kirchner
Chrissie Abbott
Matt Lyon
Joe Crocker
Jake Blanchard
Sam Brewster
Katie Hanratty
Sam Bevington
Will Exley
Simon Peplow
Aurelia Lange
Ky Wilkinson
Hoagy Houghton
Daniel Cantrell
Paul Alexander Thornton
Rosie Roberts
Adam Ellison
El Tobe
Daniel Silburn
Tom Hutchinson

Monday, November 29, 2010



By the Skin of My Teeth

Chart Your Cycle

Dudes Magazine #16 Fall 2010

from Blackguard

88 pages, magazine size, $5.00, Dudes Magazine World Headquarters, 3872-A Connecticut Street, Saint Louis MO 63116, USA + dudesmagazine(at)hotmail.com + www.dudesmag.com
There's a whole bunch of dudes who write for this zine and they all have cool, dude-y names. The main dude (or editor) is called Nighthawk, then there's Lonewolf, Spider, Do What?, Dumbag Daryl, Mr. Rin Tin Tin, Huckleberry, Pancake Master, Big Al, and that's only half of 'em.
They got their own vocabulary too, like when something is rad or cool, they will call it "bitch". Also, a dude doesn't have a "car", he's got a "rigg". It's like a secret code, but an easy one to figure out because either they explain what it is, or you figure it out for yourself.
Anyway, there's a buttload of artys (that's what they call "articles") in here:
Kids in the Hall (Canadian TV show, 1988-1994);
The Pros and Cons of Shark Attack Week;
A Dude Discovers Jogging (this one totally had me in stitches... Dumbag Daryl realises if he wants to continue hitting the suds, he needs to do some exercise to balance things out. He could always cut down on the booze, but wonders what else he's gonna do with that time - "Reading? I can't really see that happening. You can only go to the can so many times a day");
Dudes Riggs Got Served (very funny true stories by several of the dudes about how they wrecked or damaged their cars);
There's loads more of these artys. Check 'em out.
Then there's some band interviews. The funniest one is the Shred Savage interview conducted by Nighthawk. Everybody's drunk, and at one point Nighthawk starts showing the band some of his records. One is by a band called Slow Death and has a song called 'the new hamburger from mcdonalds', but the lead singer of that band disappointed NH when he told him the song wasn't actually about McDonalds.

NH: "I think if you're gonna have a song called "the new hamburger from mcdonalds", it would be about a hamburger from McDonald's."
ARNIE: Is it really not about a hamburger from McDonald's?"
NH: "I'm drunk and I can't talk, so fuck you. It's my magazine, not yours."
ARNIE: "It's your magazine, fuck you."
NH: "What a world."
ARNIE: "Many worlds."

There's some sports writing in here, like about American football, and hockey, and those weren't very interesting to me, but on the other hand an arty called 'Stop Divin' On The Pitch, Bitch!' by Spider about soccer players faking getting illegally tackled or whatever it is was fuckin' hilarious. So this zine has way more hits than misses. It's totally bitch.

Grab Bags Available!

Grab Bags Available!

I am selling grab bags for the cost of a flat-rate envelope! $5.00 (in the US) will get you 20-30 zines and/or minicomics (it's around half and half), some stuff I received for consideration, some duplicates, some stuff that's just from my collection. Paypal address: blacklightdiner at gmail dot com.

If you want more than one envelope, I can also pack a flat-rate Priority box. I have seven of these envelopes ready to go right now, help me clear out my house.


Slam Bang #5


Call for Submissions

Smells Like Zines!


November Zine Reviews!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Queer zine archive in Riverwest celebrates seventh anniversary

Zine makers flourish in Toowoomba


neonhair: New journal/zine am planning with a friend.
By Neon Hair
New journal/zine am planning with a friend. She's going to be called GLORIA and the theme is the Bjork song "Unison". Email us at ourgloria@gmail.com if you'd like to contribute and we'll send the details. Posted by Neon Hair at 9:00 PM ...
neonhair - http://neonhair.blogspot.com/

Friday, November 26, 2010


FREDERICTON: Oh you sexy wolf, the way you rub your little tail against my beard like that puts me in the mood for some... poetry? And short fiction? Oh, baby. Stuart literary 'zine fall launch with Sexwolf. $5. 8pm. 440 York St.


Teen Tuesdays

The Teen Advisory Board at Linebaugh Library hosts its next Teen Tuesday program from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The weekly meeting features a different activity for teens. Programs include workshops, Wii gaming, book discussions, TEENprov, and more.

On this coming Tuesday, there will be a Zine Workshop. TAB will kick off the new teen zine. So come prepared to write or draw. Materials will be available to help you create your pages.

Visit www.linebaugh.org and look for the Teen Page for more information. The library is at 105 W. Vine St., Murfreesboro.

Zine Set Vol. 1

Queer zine archive in Riverwest celebrates seventh anniversary

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The International Homosexual Conspiracy by Larry-bob Roberts

Outspoken San Francisco author, blogger, Smack Dab open-mic co-host, and piano-player Larry-bob Roberts has produced a little book that packs a big wallop, The International Homosexual Conspiracy. He calls his essay-format "rant style," and these informative, sassy, hyper-opinionated pieces fill up the pages of Holy Titclamps, a website Roberts has owned and operated since 1989, when it was originally a zine on printed paper.

from Bay Area Reporter

Keep It Real issue 9 out now!

OUTSPOKEN zine #0 year 1

It's Still OK Not To Drink - Issue #1

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Farm to Table Exhibition Opening and Zine Release

Two new print publications expand the writing about art in Philadelphia

Shape & Situate: Posters of Inspirational European Women

Whuddafug #7

Whuddafug #7
pamphlet, 8 pages, $2 or trade
More Whuddafug = more riffing and more randomness + more vagaries and more irreverence. This time Anthony is joined by Dr. Coyote, who offers a couple letters to former Secratary of State, Henry Kissinger, among other things. Anthony shares his top 20 words used on Twitter for the past 2 years along with more of his well-written and entertaining prose and fiction. Check out: "Ship That Shit To Guatemala." Also, Anthony wants to make you famous, so send him your best writing (100 to 1,000 words), and maybe you'll be featured in the next issue of Whuddafug. I'm taking the subtitle of this issue as an order and leaving my copy in a public restroom.
Anthony Abelaye, PO Box 861294, Plano TX 75086

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Cock Book + The Tickle Family + I Regret Letting You Meet Me

Each 12 pages, digest size, by Philip Dearest >>> wowphilip(at)gmail.com + www.boobookittyfuck.deviantart.com

The Cock Book has drawings of spurting cocks, severed cocks, hairy men with cocks instead of nipples, hairy men with big cocks and bleeding rectums, and a few other wonders. It's hard to avoid a comparison with Mike Diana, not only with the drawing style and subject matter, but the 'INRIs' all over the place too. No strips though, just full page stuff. I'd love to see Philip draw some actual comix.

The Tickle Family includes Celery Tickle (whose vagina can type ninety-words-a-minute), Pimple Tickle (activist for teenager's rights), and my favourites, Sickle and Fickle Tickle (kickboxing champions).

I Regret Letting You Meet Me has drawings of people like the man who regrets meeting knives (because they make him cut his arm and throat) and the banana (?) who regrets meeting the woman who put it inside her vagina.

Philip Dearest has really got something sick and wonderful going on in his art. A great discovery!


James N. Dawson
POB 292
Malden, WA 99149-0292
I wrote to James a few months back noting that he was from Malden, a tiny farming community just southwest of here, and traded zines with him. He sent me a nice long letter back and a small stack of his zines. The zines are full-size and look to be written on an old typewriter. They have a distinctive analogue style to them that harkens back to a lost era of the underground press. In Zap!omania James spends a significant amount of time hashing out his feelings about the internet vs. print communication forums. As a self-proclaimed “POB mail-junkie” he laments the pre-internet days where print was the only way to roll. I miss those days too. Pterodactyl is his APA fanzine about movies, books, music, horror, indie, and retro. He re-prints many of the letters that people have sent to him and responds accordingly. I really like these zines and appreciate his dedication and passion to the craft of self-publishing. There’s an aesthetic to holding these zines in your hand, the way they look, and the content inside that really appeals to me. It gives me hope that guys like James will be around for a long time keeping this format, and the conversation behind it, around.

Harvey the 29th #1-3

28 pages, digest size, by Tinman Johnson, harveythe29th (at) yahoo.com.au
Tinman says he's been drawing Harvey for 15 years. Harvey's a human who lives with his girlfriend Marny (a robot) in a place called Denholm (populated by 17,000 robots and 640 humans). They also have a cat called Jake. Considering Tinman's been working on this for 15 years, I would have expected more of a story in these three issues, but many pages are simply full-page 'gags'. The humour isn't to my taste, in fact it seems to be targeting pre-teens. For example, one page has got Marny saying "I am not a robot" sitting on a table with her unattached robot hand. Another page shows Harvey and Marny 'banana fishing'. It ain't Ivan Brunetti that's for sure. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it makes me wonder who inspires this fellow. If I had anything to do with it, I'd lock Tinman in a room with John Kricfalusi for 24 hours and only then let him loose on Harvey #4.

Monkeybite #1 (USA, 1997)

Power violence zine. Download here. This is from the blog here.


Kozmowstraduh #4

Zines are for reading

This is Ryan from Silent City Distro reminding you that we have hundreds of self-published pamphlets, zines, organizing guides, etc… in our community library. Besides a huge wealth of information, we supply cheap copies to community groups and distribute literature all around the region.

Stop by and check out the zines on display! Want to browse the full library? You can even make copies of stuff you find to bring home. Make an appointment: e-mail – info@silentcitydistro.org

All My Bikes

The Ken Chronicles #17

The Ken Chronicles #17, digest, 32 pages, $2
The November 2010 installment of the chronicles of Ken Bausert. This issue is aptly titled "The Mostly Travel Issue" as Ken details some of the trips he has taken recently as well as a visit from a newfound cousin all the way from Germany. There's a short report on a couple trips to the beaches of Long Island, a few pages about a few days spent in Annapolis, and a 10 page summary of a two week visit to Daytona Beach. The Daytona Beach story has some comical moments, including thwarted attempts to find homemade ice cream and real southern fried chicken (and to top it off, Ken got rejected when he tried to buy a bottle of wine on a Sunday) as well as a persistant time share tour peddler (apparently Ken has sworn off having anything to do with time shares after the debacle detailed in issue #15). Ken's adventures are fun to read and complete with photos (some of them full color). There is also a letters section, so maybe yours will be included in the next issue.
Ken Bausert, 2140 Erma Dr., East Meadow NY 11554-1120, PassScribe@aol.com, http://www.thekenbausertchronicles.blogspot.com/, http://www.kenbausertsnostalgicmuseum.blogspot.com/

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