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Friday, November 15, 2019

bio auto graphic #31: Hand Book

bio auto graphic #31: Hand Book

Michael C. Nicholson / ensixteen editions

Right hand - A5, 28 pages, full colour throughout.
Left Hand - A5, 12 pages, full colour throughout.

£12 for both volumes + p&p

The latest issue of Bio Auto Graphic takes a further step into expanding Michael's intriguing examination of the relationship between content and format. From the five volume set that covered the five senses, to the last issue which suddenly burst into TechnicolorThis double set of issues explores hands - how they express personality and, perhaps more crucially, how we consider our second most expressive body part. 

To do so Michael "reached out to fellow travellers whose hands are a key to their creativity or livelihood". Each interview is filtered down into Michael's poetic prose, and illustrated by a full page colour portrait of that person's hand. Devoid of the other contexts we naturally try and attach personality to, we're left to consider how the wrinkles and scars reflect those lives and livelihoods. I feel extremely honoured that one of those hands are mine. 

Collectively, these portraits form an emotive set of snapshots into a variety of lives, personal histories, and cultural backgrounds, linked through a shared desire to connect to the world with more than a wave hello. 

It's a beautifully executed, well produced, and quietly profound work. Get your copies while you can - the first edition sold out within a couple of weeks. I've been told there are a few copies remaining of the second printing.

For more information visit the Ensixteen blog: ensixteeneditions.blogspot.com

Or email Michael directly: ladnicholson(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

*** You can listen to Michael being interviewed by Robert Elms on BBC London - zines, small publishing, and the sweeping changes across London. From about 37 minutes in https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07rkn7b) ***

Review by Nathan Penlington - you can find my reviews of previous issues of bio auto graphic here

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