zine, [zeen] noun. 1. abbr. of fanzine; 2. any amateurly-published periodical. Oxford Reference


Monday, April 21, 2008

Maximum Rock n Roll Photozine

via punks is hippies - the blog! by 7inchcrust on 4/8/08
Slobo feels unhappy because of all these slow upadates of Punks is Hippies and i promised him an update in a few days. But i not gonna keep my word and i m updating right now a few minutes after my message in PIH Messageboard.
so here's "If Life is a Bowl of Cherries-Maximum Rock N Roll photozine": 76 pages full of black n white pictures:Dickies,Wipers,Crucifix,Vandals(Bliahh!!!these shitheads shouldn't be there),B.G.K.,Die Kreuzen,Black Flag and many many others

Get it here!

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  1. please please please , can you repost the divshare of this??? thanks in advance . i just cant seem to find this anywhere .


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