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Friday, October 26, 2007

Super Shorts #1, White Elephant Productions

via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on 10/25/07

Super Shorts #1, White Elephant Productions. Jeff Brister writer, Alex De-Gruchy writer and Darrel Miller artist and writer. Full size comic, color cover, black and white interior pages with grey tones. 12 pages. Printed by Ka-Blam.

Well this is a very short comic, with three short stories. First we have Captain Mighty in BULLET PROOF by Darrel Miller. This story was drawn simply, but well. Sort of a parody of Shazam it seems. A surprise ending. Slow Day by Jeff Brister and Darrel Miller. The story has a bit of an edge, "It's just fun. Even when people want to kill others." This super character has no problem with an alien. Too bad this didn't have more going on...it was just starting to build up to something. Recruitment Drive by Alex De-Gruchy and Darrel Miller. This story has more going on and the art has more detail showing that Darrel can do more if given the right story perhaps...I liked the premise of auditioning for a super-villain to join the team with unexpected results. The ending was good. Overall I'd say that if they all worked together on a story that was more like 24 pages, and let Darrel take his time and work on the art a bit more as to backgrounds and such....they could have something here. I see on their blog that they plan to have issues out on a regular basis. That is good to hear as they will surely improve by staying at it. I'm eager to see more by these guys and hope they take more time and develop more of a story. I liked the art in each story, especially the last one. Maybe if they keep some of these characters going, they can find their voice and really get something going here. I liked the fact that each story was a comedy and hope they stay this course. Oh and the cover is very simple but effective. Like the silver age Fantastic Four font on the cover, nice touch. (3 out of five "super" stars) The book has no price but does have some contact info in the inside back cover: www.supershorts.blogspot.com or email Darrel Miller: dm52082@hotmail.com or Jeff Brister: brister.jeff@gmail.com or Alex De-Gruchy: rockand jack@yahoo.co.uk

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

NEW STARS anthology available now

via Cartoonist Conspiracy by Colin Tedford on 10/24/07

The Trees & Hills Comics Group's latest anthology NEW STARS is now available for online purchase at Trees & Hills Comix Distro! The anthology debuted at SPX in October 2007, and since that month also marked the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik, we took that as our theme. We're not some kind of fascists, though, so every piece didn't have to be about Sputnik itself - most of them do relate to space in some way, though. This all-ages anthology by the Trees & Hills Comic Group features an eye-popping full-color cover by Gregory Giordano and comics by Daniel Barlow, Marek Bennett, Miles Cota, Colleen Frakes, Cat Garza, Chris Grotke, Jade Harmon, Tim Hulsizer, Matt Levin, Keith Moriarty, Kathie Mullen, Raymond Prado, Matthew Reidsma, Colin Tedford, and Anne Thalheimer. 5.5" x 8.5", 52 pgs. $3.00

Monday, October 22, 2007

Homeland Insecurity

Homeland Insecurity

Three films by Bill Brown. The first 15:00 minutes, Hub City, is a brilliant, moody, mesmerizing, stark, and often stunning piece of audio-visual poetry about Brown's hometown, Lubbock Texas. He perfectly taps into that strange timelessness certain rural areas exude, and further goes on to capture the surreal effect one gets when mixing that with more modern things like doppler radar and UFO sightings, and then mixing in the longing, quiet solitude of the landscape. Absolutely outstanding. The middle film is a music video. The third film, The Other Side, 43:00 minutes, was shot on a 2000 mile journey along the U.S.-Mexico border. Filmed on both sides of the border, this avoids the pitfall of making an overt political statement and focuses instead on the often overlooked circumstance that between the U.S. and Mexico there is a third culture that has always been there. There are whole landscapes of people who cross the street from one country to the other to buy milk and eggs. While it doesn't give answers to current issues, it sure makes you think.

order from Microcosm

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Zine Review: Mend My Dress #5

via Trading Stories with the Leaves by Trading Stories on 10/15/07

Zine cover - Mend My Dress #5

Subtitled "Girl love, girl revolution, stories of friendship", Mend My Dress #5 is a joyous memoir of childhood friends and crushes:

monkey bars. she smelled like watermelon shampoo and dirt. she had soft brown eyes and she could run way faster than me. she never showed off. i fell in love with her as hard as a second grade girl can.

There are stories about wanting to be sisters, fits of schoolyard jealousy, playing in the garden and just "loving our days together". There are stories about man pants and short hair, and thrift store adventures, and first kisses. It is impossible not to be swept up by the excitement in Neely's voice as she describes her friends and the good times they shared.

Occasional references to dark events (the subject of earlier issues) make Mend My Dress #5 all the more interesting: these are the girls that helped Neely get through an incredibly difficult period of her life.

I'm reluctant to use the phrase "coming of age", but it's hard to avoid, since the zine covers friends from pre-school through to high school. Each represents a new level of maturity, but without preachy introspection. It doesn't matter whether Neely's writing about holding hands in pre-school or going to punk shows in high school, you can remember those feelings.

It is a rollicking read that will make you think about your own childhood friends — you'll remember the stupid things you did together, and wonder what they're up to now.

Neely Bat Chestnut, Mend My Dress #5, 1/2 size, 20 pages.
Available from Eye Candy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time Warp Comix #1 and #2-Weird Muse Productions

via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on 10/9/07

Time Warp Comix #1 and #2 from Weird Muse Productions. These are the start of a mini comic series by editor and artist Dan W. Taylor. This first issue is on orange paper stock, 8 pages with covers. $1 ppd per issue. Dan has started up this series as a mini comix project dedicated to the memory of Clay Geerdes and Comicx World / Comix Wave. Some of the contributors worked for Clay back in the days of Comix Wave and some just want to tip their hat to Clay by contributing to this series. First strip "I Remember Clay" by Jim Valentino. A great short story about Clay and how he inspired creators to "Just Draw!". Next story is: "Just a Couple of Geezers" by Vjtko. Very good art and story and the back cover is by the late, Michael Roden. Which is nice to see. Michael passed away in August of this year and the small press community will miss him. #2 has work by David Miller, Jim Siergey and Michael Roden. Another great issue. Oh, and you don't have an authentic copy of Time Warp Comix unless it is signed by Dan W. Taylor! (5 out of 5) Wish these were more than just 8 pages.
$1 ppd per issue (I know of at least 4 issues out by now) Dan W. Taylor/1833 Guntle Rd./New Lebanon, OH 45345 or get them at: http://weirdmuse.ecrater.com

Hate Song #2- Fred Grisolm

via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on 10/9/07

Hate Song #2 is a collection of some of the web comic Hate Song by Fred Grisolm. This is a 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" book with color covers and black and white with gray tones interior of strips. Very nicely printed I should add. Cover price $3. The strip is about Berry and Lewis two guys that move into a house as they are nephews of a Mr. Laudermelk. The brothers are very strange and one is actually shooting at school kids with rifle (something that I don't think should be in a comic to give kids more ideas along these lines.), the other is collecting his fecal matter in the freezer and documenting it in a notebook for research. Strange stuff to be sure. Even though this is wacky weirdness the art is so good that you follow along and can't resist wanting to read more about these characters. I'm sure Fred is just pushing the envelope here to get attention, something I'm sure will happen when more people read his comics. There are 3 bonus pages with descriptions of some of the characters, in the back. (4 out of 5) He didn't put in any credits, how to order or any other info than a few web addresses hidden in the back of the book. Oh, there is a very strange one page strip (mature audiences for all of this stuff by the way.) and it does credit the artist Jamie Dee Galey. "Fred and Jamie". I happened to have some of these nice creators from Canada sitting next to me in San Diego this year. Their books were very popular. I'll be reviewing more of their work here soon. You can purchase this book and more like it at: www.hatesong.com/items just scroll down the page a bit to see them. Also read more at: http://hate-song.livejournal.com/ and http://boxcarcomics.com/ click HERE for a online interview with Fred Grisolm that I just found on the net. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on 10/3/07

Press Release:


Posted by: "Floydman" blackmirth@hotmail.com

Tue Oct 2, 2007 11:02 pm (PST)

If you are looking for a magazine full of
small press news and reviews, articles, columns, comics, letters,
ads, and a whole bunch of other stuff we can't think of right now,
then get on the ball and get your copy of Ka-Whump! #3 hot off the
presses and featuring a look at the women of small press, including
interviews with Willie Hewes (Amaranth), Shawnti Therrien (Am I
Immortal), Charlene Chua (Slam Bang cover artist) and Marianne R.
Petit (When I was Three), plus Mr. Emergency creator Wade Busby gives
us a guide to surviving comic cons from BOTH sides of the table,
Allen Freeman and Dan Nauenburg wrap up this year's San Diego Comic
Con International in words and pictures, Comics by Nauenburg, Pavlet,
Wright, McEnany and Montero, over 65 reviews of small press comics
and zines and much MUCH more wrapped up in a stunning front cover by
Sonia Leong (Romeo and Juliet: The Manga) and a dark yet hauntingly
beautiful back cover by Shawnti Therrien!

It's a 48 page steal at only $3.50 plus $1.00 a pop!
Order by snail mail with check or money order to:

Robert L. Sumner
311 N. Widow Creek Rd.
Otis, OR. 97368

or PayPal $4.50 postage included to floydman@ka-whump.com

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