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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Indigo #15


via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 3/20/08

Indigo #15 / :25 / $3 or trade / Half-Sized / Michelle Aiello, PO Box 180143, Chicago, IL 60618 / pinup1950@yahoo.com

Aah! A zine that refers pretty heavily to the previous issue, which I don't have! Anyways, Indigo is an amazingly cleanly-laid out zine that is dense as hell, yet incredibly informative and fun to read. The different approaches and topics that Mich puts in the magazine makes it virtually impossible for an individual to get bored with the zine. Typical zine-fare like a soundtrack to the issue and random quotes (albeit with the qualifier that they were written on bathroom walls) are given little space, and the narrative allowed to shine through without any impediment. The only thing that seems a little clichéd in this issue would have to be the misheard lyrics, which are the same general ones that people always talk about anyways. For me, I was really hit hard by Mich's descriptions of a number of pen pals, most notably Freddy and Travis. They are given much more space in the zine than in this review, but they are written in such a vivid style that I can actually picture some of the events (real-life and in letters) that Mich writes about. What also is a plus to Indigo is the intense reviews of a number of books and zines that Mich feels it necessary to tell the world about; instead of being short capsule reviews of things that may not be the most interesting, Mich distills all the things that ey has read since the last issue into three outstanding things. The zine, while being only thirty-two pages, is more than worth the $3 that Mich charges for it. Highly Recommended.

Rating: 7.6/10


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