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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Gaysi Zine – Issue 4

The Gaysi Zine – Issue 4

122 pages. 23cm x 17cm.

INR 350 + INR 30 (Delivery Charge within India). International rates, see below. 

Being gay in India is to be routinely punished by physical assault and verbal threats. In such a culture it can be dangerous, both physically and emotionally, to be open about sexuality. 
Which is what makes publishing Gaysi hugely brave and incredibly culturally important

The latest issue of Gaysi Zine is India's first graphic anthology of gay narratives. Contributors come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and artistic disciplines, there has been no discrimination over age, sexuality or ethnicity. The result is a beautiful thing. 

The production is amazing, - it feels, looks, and even smells great (I admit I do have a thing for ink though). The design really binds the varied styles and tones together, making it hold together as a collective work. 

The texts cover subjects such as how it is to be treated being a single woman in the face of a society that refuses to accept independence; the perils of seduction; loneliness, loss, and longing. They range from emotional diary like entries, through poetic visual narratives, to witty observational comic strips. 

The style of the artwork is absorbing, fluid and strong. Each page is visual journey that pulls you in. The collaborative pairings of writers and artists really works. 

I can't recommend you get a copy of Gaysi Issue 4 enough. Buy it, get your friends to buy it. Spread the word. Gaysi Zine has the right approach to sexuality in India, it is their attitude that should be the norm not the exception. 

For ordering information visit: https://www.instamojo.com/GaysiFamily/the-gaysi-zine-queer-graphic-anthology-122-p

Check out Gaysi on the web here: Gaysifamily.com

** For International Delivery: please write to gaysifamily@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Booking The Gaysi Zine – mention the number of copies’, and the Gaysi family will take it forward from there **

Review by Nathan Penlington. My review of Gaysi Issue 3 is here

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Christian New Age Quarterly

The Christian New Age Quarterly
16 pages, half legal
$3.50 USA / $5.00 elsewhere
$12.50 / $18.50 per 4 issue subscription

Explores the intersection between Christianity and other spiritual paths with an emphasis on mysticism and myth. Fiction, essays, letters, reviews.

Christian New Age Quarterly
PO Box 276
Clifton, NJ 07015-0276


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Azure Aztec, Pure Baloney

The Azure Aztec, Pure Baloney
15 pages, comic size
$5.00 + Postage

This is an old fashioned, Sunday funnies style comic with a bit more bite. Very silly but engaging and enjoyable. 50 consecutive 4 panel strips tell the story of muscle bound Joe Baloney, Dr Blond, and a dinosaur going after an evil Aztec priest. Or is he?

Ron Hill | 440.376.0442 | ron@ronhillartist.com | 7394 Portage Street, Solon OH 44139

review by Jack Cheiky

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Suspect Press (Denver's Underground) #8

Suspect Press (Denver's Underground) #8
32 pages, newsprint, 9 x 11        
Free or Trade

Artsy rag with a little attitude, doesn't take itself too seriously. Mostly written and produced by three people, though I don't think that's their goal. Seems to want to be an outlet for lesser know talent.. While somewhat bohemian, it doesn't appear to be specifically or especially underground. But hey, what do I know about Denver's underground? There's a variety of the usual suspects: fiction, comics, cool art, poetry, commentary, interviews, music and book reviews, lots of local ads, and 10 Reasons Why Keanu Reeves should come to my birthday party.

Better than average content for a zine.

denversuspectpress at gmail.com

review by Jack Cheiky

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Making Jamie

[Note: I couldn't do this one, I started writing mean things in the margins, then realised this could end up just coming across bitter and twisted. Maybe it's just me? I mean look, I haven't had kids and certainly don't plan to, but my d-comix pal David Puckeridge actually HAS been through that nightmare... i mean, wonderful, joyous magical part of life! ... so I passed this one to him. So, here's our Special Guest Review! Thanks David! *Phew!*]


"Making Jamie" is a diary comic about having a baby.  Artist and teacher Kyle Bravo documents the journey daily over six months, climaxing in the inevitable birth and all the challenges that come with the momentous event.
Kyle's loose drawing style is appealing, and there's a lot to relate to in the story if you've gone through the same thing yourself.  Everyone else should stay away, unless you WANT to hear about lots of "poop" and pee and amniotic fluid.
Even the breeders among us might be turned off by Kyle's cutesy style ('cute' is a word he uses a lot.)  Still, it's interesting to see the babymaking process from another perspective, whether you warm to Kyle or not.

Originally posted on Blackguard

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