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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mamacita #1

via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 3/13/08

Mamacita #1 / $2 / 28M / :30 / bluebirdie.etsy.com /

This is the first zine that Miss Fay has written in a few years. It is nice to see that there is not the slightest bit on eir writing skills. Miss Fay comes forth with a style that blends together DIY projects and personal pieces. Where the two crowds are distinct at some points, the personal pieces that are present in this issue really give individuals a little insight into why the DIY pieces are present in the second half of the zine. I personally prefer DIY types of zines, but I found myself reading through the personal pieces and gaining some sort of respect for Miss Fay, in a way that a Glue or even a Good Housekeeping could not instill into their readers. The zine has a lot of Times New Roman 12 point font in it, but there are enough in the way of distractions (cut outs and other pictures) and the like to provide breaks in the narrative. The two-part "The Mythical Long-Armed Stapler" is perhaps the most interesting piece on the personal side of things, as it provides individuals with a lighthearted read about th etitular object. For my money, the "D.I.Y. Canvas Stretching" piece is what makes the zine for me. In this piece, Miss Fay provides individuals with all the information that they could conceivably want with how to stretch any sort of fabric. The zine ends a little weakly, with Miss Fay creating an article full of random phrases from "Free Words Text", but the rest of the magazine reads well and lends itself to continued readings.

Rating: 7.2/10

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