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Friday, March 6, 2015

Blackguard #5, The SCIENCE Issue


Blackguard #5, The SCIENCE Issue
44 pages, digest size
$6 Australia, $8 everywhere else

Our friend Stratu publishes theme collections of comics. This most recent issue is on the broad topic of Science. It has a heavy color stock cover, and is meticulously crafted. Stu puts out a nice product.

44 pages by 19 contributors gets you deformed boners, atomic Popeye, laboratory discoveries, childhood memories, scientific jargon in movies and TV, experimenting on human babies, science fiction, Supreme Female conventions, the internal combustion engine, misogyny, Jesus, Obama getting hit in the head by a dud nuke from North Korea, dissecting eyeballs, toxic products, prose fiction, Thomas Edison, and nine pages of comics and zine reviews.

Contributors: Glenno Smith, Michael Em, Michael Amaral, Ross Tesoriero, Chris Mikul, Shaun Craike, Neale Blanden, Leigh Rigozzi, Ryan Vella, SCAR, Bize, Giles Kilham, Brett Weekes, David Puckeridge, Julie, Kapreles, Damian McDonald, Drew Gates, and Stuart Stratu.

Parental guidance suggested

Pay Pal to sstratu@gmail.com
or cash money to
Stratu, PO Box 35, Marrickville NSW 2204, AUSTRALIA.


Monday, March 2, 2015

American Amateur Press Association

From now through December 1, 2015 DJ Frederick is offering to send anyone who is interested a sample mailing from the American Amateur Press Association. AAPA sends out monthly bundles to AAPA members including zines, journals and printed ephemera. Postcard requests for the sample mailing are welcomed at: 36 West Main Street Warner NH 03278. E-mail requests will not be responded to. For more information on the AAPA visit aapainfo.org.

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