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Monday, April 21, 2008

Journalsong #4


via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 4/2/08

That's it, I'm officially a heartless bastard. I don't like Journalsong. I've voiced my feelings on this issue to many of my zinemaking friends, and they try and try to show be the magical goodness of Journalsong, and I just don???t see it. This zine is really just like one long, and I do mean long, emo song. The topic simply just doesn't change, as all of these pieces deal in some way with the girl that he once was in love with. I mean, the pictures and drawing in the magazine really are a nice break in the pieces, but even they can???t do much in trying to guard against my boredom and hatred for this zine. I must say, this isn???t the worst zine I've reviewed or even near it. I can simply imagine what I would rate a magazine that followed around some of the more established zinesters incessantly and just spouted off old, tired politically correct rhetoric without and sort of mind for it. I've seen zines that were close, but the good thing is that most perziners that write in a Steve Journalsong-like style have the "Julia" syndrome when it comes to writing about politics. For those who aren???t in the know about the "Julia" syndrome, it is what happens in 1984 when Winston tries to talk about politics to Julia ??? she falls asleep. Perhaps I could actually get through this zine if it was sung, instead of written. Nah, I doubt it.

Rating : 3.1/10.


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