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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Revenge of Print #3

Zine, comics and indie publishing

news from Queensland and Australia
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Smells LIke ZInes
In the last 20 months or so, SLZ has had many incarnations - the most exciting and long lasting that of the physical shop and HQ at 4/203 Margaret Street, in the heart of Toowoomba's CBD. Well, as most of you are aware, that space is no longer SLZ. While the racks, couches and remnants of the past artists-in-residencies artwork still trash the walls, the space has quietly developed into the Australian Cultural Library , that will open this Saturday with a bang of live music, casettes, vynil, VHS, books, DVD and 'other'.

Fear not though, SLZ is still very much alive and kicking, I just needed a quick 2 month break while I ducked over to Japan to explore and re-energise before then coming home to get cracking again. Due to my space limitations now though, I will not be accepting all zines sent my way and have significantly shrunk the amount of stock I carry (see below). If you would like your zine stocked with SLZ, please send a copy first for consideration.

One of my ultimate favourite things to do as a zine distro owner is send mail. Post bags filled with stickers, zines and magic. Mixed bags are by far my favourite things to make up because I get to show off all of the crazy talent Australia and abroad has. I have 40 specially made up $25 mixed bags packed and ready to send (it's been a big week I tell ya) filled with the last one or two copies of a mass of zines to clean out the webstore (see above), just waiting to be added to your collection and given a new home. It's the ultimate surprise for yourself, or as a present to someone special. Order yours now, put some lemon and ginger tea on to keep you warm and start flirting with your local postie.

I am Very Busy and Important PREORDER (with bonus ZINE)
I Am Very Busy and Important #7 PRE ORDER on until MIDNIGHT MAY 31st (the pre-order comes with BONUS Collected Thoughts Zine !)
"Almost exactly two years ago, Sophie Benjamin found herself hospitalised and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Sick of reading zines and blogs on the subject that were full of soap opera drama, #7 of IAVB&I is about her experience as an inpatient. Featuring stories about good doctors, bad driving, Elvis impersonators, the horrors of group therapy and the unfortunate consequences of stigma.

The pre-order (only) also comes with a copy of 'Collected Thoughts' (you lucky devils!), a zine collated by Sophie's friend Stevie Scott on the topic of mental health. The zine features 24 anonymous contributions from people in Brisbane's punk rock community on their experiences with mental health issues. Originally released in 2010, the zine was launched at a benefit show which sold out within minutes, raising hundreds of dollars for a local homeless shelter." I've personally read this zine and it blew me away.

Even more reasons to pre-order: Cream yellow cardboard cover, Hand stitched binding (The plebs get a canary yellow cover and staples), Stickers and getting to have the new issue in your greasy paws. ORDER YOURS NOW (back issues can still be ordered and will be posted together with the pre-order)

Events /Submission Dates /Happenings

QLD vs NZ Zine Trade
I gotta say that the QLD zine scene is just boss. To prove this, Jeremy Staples of the PaperCuts Collective has jiffied off to New Zealand with a 2 copies each of a massive swag of QLD titles to fight out the QLD vs NZ mega zine trade. The resulting NZ titles will end up at the Caboolture Zine Library starting up, and our titles to the Auckland Zine Library. Heck yes !

MCA ZINE FAIR - May 20th, Sydney with bonus Venessa Berry's Zine Making Masterclass
Emerging Writers Festival - May 23 to June 3, Melbourne

Zine Making Workshops May 24th to June 14, Ipswich Shopping Centre

'Spoken' a poetry event series curated by the magical Mandy Beaumont as part of her residency at State Library of QLD have come to an end. DAMN.

#4 FEAR IS finally printed ! SO DAMN COOL

Australian Cultural Library founder Steve Towson
Caravan of Comics US Tour !
Inigogo (crowdfunding) sends the Caravan of Comics to the US !
I'm becoming more and more impressed with the projects popping up on crowdfunding platforms for the independant publishing world. In the last week I received both the MASSIVE 'Blood and Thunder Anthology' as the reward to 'Operation Rizerria Replacement' (I hear the second anthology is coming out later this year!), and my three art postcards from the talented crew in the 'Caravan of Comics'. For a postal nerd like myself, checking the mail doesn't get much more exciting. Crowdfunding is getting more and more propular as a source of project funding for alternative projects - Over the last couple of years the Format Festival and Emerging Writers Festivals have scored the cash, Lip Magazine's 21st issue and Mongrel have made it to print and a hell of a lot more cool stuff has gone down.

But sadly not all projects get the full support they need. I was sad to see both Burger Force, and Artgaze's pozible fall short of their goal, and to save
Bad Teeth comics going the same way, throw founder Glen Mathers $20 to get a copy of his colour, square-bound, 100+ page hand-numbered anthology in the mail. Issues of BT came out about 6 years years ago in Brisbane, when I was well into my zine trade obsession as a wee teenager with my first zine. This dude kindly did trades with me way back when and gave me the confidence to waste my life on print. Good dude.

All the many ways to communicate...
Email: smells.like.zines [AT] gmail.com
Old fashioned post to:
PO Box 215
Drayton North
QLD 4350
Website:   www.smellslikezines.com
Webstore: www.smellslikezines.bigcartel.com

Five on Five Magazine
Five on Five Magazine / Hit and Miss Magazine SELL OFF
For those who haven't yet met me, my second life is spent as a roller derby girl. I play for the Toowoomba City Rollers team the 'Range Renegades' (formally a member of the Hilltop Hitsquad) under the name Coopers Chaos #6pack (yea the delicious Adelaide ale!). To celebrate the recent win against Brisbane City Rollers 'Dark Horses', I'm selling off my extra copies of WFTDA's Five on Five Magazine (for $5, usually found for $13), and Australia wide derby magazine Hit and Miss (for $5, usually found for $8). Pick up a copy for yourself, your derby wife/widow or friend you're dying to drag along to the next fresh meat intake. Theirs so much to learn, and so many photos of the full contact, injures and victories. Get on it!
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Our mailing address is:
Smells Like Zines Distro
PO Box 215
Drayton North, Queensland 4350

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zine Review: Smog City #3

Zine Review: Smog City #3


Smog City #3
$5 / 40 pages
PO Box 29753
Los Angeles CA 90027

Full disclosure: I only read half of this zine. The reason? A good portion is comprised of chapter three of “The Night Snacker”. Having not read the first two chapters I felt completely lost within the narrative.

Smog City is a “pulp litzine” written by Mulnix and given a stunning graphic presentation with dye-cutouts and halftone pages. The illustrations are crisp throughout the zine and the cover art done in purple borders on hypnotic and somnambulant. In addition to creating a graphically beautiful presentation, Mulnix can write! His short fiction is engaging and the brief essay on the cities of the mind (and the gnomes who inhabit them) is evocative of places and people everyone has encountered.

I won’t give away the scenarios of the two short stories in Smog City #3, other than to say one of them featured an extremely believable, though passive-aggressively flawed, punk paralegal named Fooz Pinkley.

Smog City is one of the highest quality zines both in presentation and content that I’ve read in recent memory.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Short Run

Short Run is an event showcasing regional small press publications and individual makers of art books, zines, comics, literary works, and animation. It is an alternative to large-scale commercial conventions and will focus on alternative press, limited editions, and handmade books.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rip It Out!

 Rip It Out Awesomely Bad Fan Art Zine

Rip It Out! Awesomely Bad Fan Art Zine

Lovingly rendered drawings of heavy metal and hair bands from artists around the world. Subjects includes members of Judas Priest, W.A.S.P., Cinderella, Dokken, Kiss, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, and more. Each zine is handmade from the inner sleeve of a bad 80s record I bought at the Goodwill. All works used with permission. Twenty-five cents from each zine sold will go to Ronnie James Dio's Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund. The RJD SU&SCF promotes the early detection and prevention of cancer by facilitating access to medical screening and medical educational programs.

$2 each at http://www.etsy.com/shop/RipItOut or you can contact by email or postal mail.

785 Cherry Tree Rd Apt F12
Aston PA 19014

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Zine News Round-Up: 06.05.12

Zine News Round-Up: 06.05.
from Spill The Zines!

1. Zine Releases
2. Upcoming Events
3. Submission Calls
4. Distro News
5. AOB (Any Other Business)
1. Zine Releases- Buy Her Candy #2, a feminist perzine, has been released this week – buy a copy at Bettie’s etsy store.
- The first issue of perzine Bloomurder has just been published! Buy a copy at
- Girls Get Busy #12, a feminist compzine, is out now! Buy a copy at their Big Cartel store.
- Gayle B has just released a free minizine entitled ‘Everyday Nonsense’. For a copy, email Gayle at gbugbyAThotmail.co.uk
- Oddments #4: The Book Issue, is a perzine written by Marceline Smith, the person behind Pushpin Publishing! Buy your copy here.
- Free zine Bread of Life #2, is out now. Get in touch with the author to arrange swaps or sends!
- Smasha Zine, a music zine published out of Kent, has just released its 4thissue. Buy or trade by emailing the author at smashazineATlive.co.uk.

2. Upcoming Events- Medway Zines Zine Reading + Workshop: Saturday 12th May at CoFORWARD. There is only limited space in the venue, so book early to avoid disappointment! More info at http://medwayzines.tumblr.com/.
- Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention: Saturday 19th May at Victoria Baths, Manchester. There are plenty of spaces for stallholders left – more info can be found here.
- Nottingham Zine Fair: Saturday 26th May at Spanky Van Dykes, Nottingham, 12 til 6pm. Stalls are still available! More info can be found at their website, or their twitter.
- Inc Magazine #5 Launch Party: Wednesday 30th May at The Bookclub, Shoreditch, London. With live poetry, music, and free zines! RSVP and details here.
- Loosely Bound Presents God Save The Zine: Tuesday 5th June at ‘Handmade in Bradford’, 11am til 3pm. Organised by Loosely Bound Zine Collective; more info can be found at their website.
- The Great Glasgow Charity Comic Mart: Saturday 9th June at Britannia Panopticon, Glasgow. More info here.
- Leeds Zine Fair: Sunday 4th November. If you'd like to get involved in organising the zine fair, or hold a stall at the zine fair then get in touch at footprintATfootprinters.co.uk
- Anyone interested in a Norfolk zine fest? Join the conversation over at We Make Zines.

3. Submission Calls- Jean McEwan and Jon Eland invite you to submit your interest or finished pieces celebrating the work of the alternative rock band Flaming Lips. More info here.
- Fatty Unbound has sent out a submission call for Make It Work #2, a fatshion/craft zine. Lots of writing prompts and details can be found here.
- Pandora Press, a feminist compzine published by Swansea Feminist Network, is still looking for contributions for its 4th issue, the “pink” issue! More details here: http://swanseafeministnetwork.wordpress.com/pandora-press
- Last week’s submission calls are still open too!

4. Distro News
- Marching Stars is on hiatus for a little while – check back in a week or so! www.marchingstars.co.uk
- New zines at Pushpin Publishing! http://www.pushpinzines.co.uk/collections/new

5. AOB
- Bettie, author of zine series Anatomical Heart and Buy Her Candy, has started a blog all about stationery! Us zinesters are the biggest stationery geeks, so you should definitely go and check it out: http://thepocketnotebook.blogspot.co.uk/
- Spill the Zines’ “Ten Tips for First Time Zinesters”, written by Hannah, is doing the rounds on tumblr and getting some great feedback! Check it out for yourself here (and if you want to reblog, you can find it on tumblr here).

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Opuntia 248

Opuntia 248

16 pages, Dale Speirs, Box 6830, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2E7, CANADA. Available for $3 cash for a one-time sample copy, trade for your zine, or letter of comment.
I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I took this out of the envelope. What! A whole number? No decimal points and letters? Sure enough, Dale has gone whole numbered issues from this point forward, due to changes in his writing habits.
This issue's got another 'State of Zinedom' - a table showing how many zines and from which countries Dale received zines from, going back to 1998. His conclusion: "The total decline has levelled off. Those who are going to abandon the Papernet have already done so. The brave few survivors keep going."
Then there are letters to the editor; comments on FAPA #298; and a bunch of zine listings (the shortest review this time around being that of Apricot Blossom V2#1 - "Collage zine, in full color.")

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The New Heaven & The New Earth

Mixt Media Review: The New Heaven and The New Earth
The New Heaven & The New Earth
All Saint’s Day
(tape & LP formats)
This release by The New Heaven and The New Earth distills the most creative elements of psychedelic pop / psych folk / indie music as it is evolving in the 21st century. Autoharps reverberate, organs hum in the background, cellos shape an undercurrent, guitars chime softly and voices weave songs that seem to come from a castle suspended in time. This six song suite is thematically related to life as a sacred & spiritual journey. Yet The New Heaven and The New Earth are not afraid to navigate the shadows. There are echoes of another Philadelphiabased band here, the Espers, and I mean that in the most affirming way. The New Heaven and The New Earth create a unique, captivating sound, layered in clouds of beauty, music close to our dreams.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Feel Better

Zine Review: Feel Better
Feel Better – a zine about self love
By Marlee Grace
Marlee Grace has created a beautiful graphic zine that shares healthy ways to take care of ourselves. Each suggestion / topic / action is featured with an artful image on an elegant risograph print. This zine is bound in twine is the perfect remedy for our overstressed culture. Feel Better is highly recommended by ye old zinester DJ Frederick & can be ordered here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/95144169/feel-better-a-zine-about-self-love?ref=v1_other_1

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pogographie 4

Pogographie 4 (Germany)

Hier mal die Pogographie 4. In der es doch etliche Veränderungen zur Pogographie 2 gab. Vieles wurde rausgeschmissen und eine Menge Sachen neu aufgenommen. Das ganze noch etwas erweitert mit Punk aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum. (Östereich und Schweiz) Heute kommt einem die Pogographie ja schon etwas nostalgisch vor. Durch die Möglichkeiten des www. Ich erinnere an Francks Punk-Disco.Com. Obwohl die nur bis 84 die Daten bereithält. Ich schaue trotzdem immer wieder mal gerne in die Pogographie. Was ich mich frage ob es tatsächlich eine Pogographie 3 gab. Bis jetzt ist sie mir noch nie untergekommen. PDF Download
original blog post

King Street, Newtown

King Street, Newtown

40 pages, digest size, $? [send a few bucks or email for trade], Chris Mikul, PO Box K546 Haymarket NSW 1240, AUSTRALIA + cathob[at]zip.com.au
It had to happen sooner or later I guess, with Chris's obsession with Australian eccentrics and characters, and his prolificity with zine-making (I've said before that Bizarrism only comes out every three years or so but forget that he publishes other zines, and has books published, all at quite an impressive rate!), and since he's been living in Newtown since 1981 it was surely only a matter of time before the arrival of this zine.
Inside read all about the history of the area, local characters (for example The Mad Butcher (he rode buses for free and rearranged passengers' seating positions) and Chelsea Kovic (she waged war against the council from the window of her dilapidated boardinghouse shopfront), local landmarks now gone, street scenes, a terrific centrefold tryptych by Glenn Smith, and still more. There's also many photographs throughout. Wonderful! A really great zine which you certainly require!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Zine Reviews: April 2012

Drawing Moustaches in Magazines Monthly Magazine (Bi-Monthly) #7
Josie Long, England – www.josielong.com
I bloody loved this zine, and that’s not just because Josie Long is one of my favourite comedians! DMIMMM (B-M) (yes, the Bi-Monthly part is important) is a mish-mash of facts, flowcharts, photos, random phrases pasted in from magazines, e.g. “meet a cat with style on page 20”, hand-written rambles, comics, and rants about Tories (“David Cameron goes to gigs, stands at the front and talks loudly about how drunk he is, then shouts “bollocks!” in quiet bits”). Some of the more substantial parts of the zine include a discussion of Josie’s love of modern poetry – she invites us to compare 2 English translations of ‘Waiting’ by Yevgeny Yevtushenko – and a page full of facts about the silverfish living in her house. There are also some guest contributions – James Acaster provides a Power Walk Playlist, while Isy Sutster draws a comic about growing old and dull. You can read PDFs of the first 5 issues at www.josielong.com, or get in touch with the lady herself on Twitterto ask her to send you some! Oh, and did I mention that this zine is free?!

Lights Go Out #11 & #16
Edited by Mr T, UK – http://lightsgoout.co.uk/shop
Lights Go Out is a long-running music fanzine featuring regular band profiles, music reviews, zine reviews, pop culture columns, interviews, and gig reviews. At 48 pages long, it’s a substantial read, with each page crammed full of text and accompanying photos – and all for only £1! The musicians featured in this zine are quite varied, from Reel Big Fish, to Kate Voegele, from Antillectual, to Alice Gold. The interviews feature interesting questions, such as “what are your thoughts on downloading and sharing music?”, and “what would you say is the greatest film of all time?”. Although Lights Go Out seems to be rooted in a punk aesthetic, I really liked the fact that they delved into other genres, with an interview with musician Kate Voegele (Mia Catalano from ‘One Tree Hill’), and the editor admitting his love for Kylie Minogue! #16 is a colouring book, with black and white drawings of singers including Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and She-Ra. Lots of fun (though I don’t think I’d want to ruin the zine by colouring it in)! Lights Go Out represents my first proper foray into music fanzines, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Fanzine Ynfytyn #12
Emma-Jane Falconer, Kent – www.emmajanefalconer.co.uk
Another super-posi issue of Emma’s long-running perzine. She opens the zine by interviewing herself, with interesting questions such as “what do you smell like?”, and “This is a perzine – where’s the angst? Why aren’t you spilling your guts?”. The rest of the zine is made up of random lists, including small pleasures, things Emma likes to trade, and the best albums to fall asleep to. We also read a haiku for Ernest Hemingway, and the lyrics of the Welsh song “Fanzine Ynfytyn” (“Fanzine Idiot”) that this zine is named after. Her layouts are really neat and pretty, so it’s a lovely zine to look at too.

Fuck Shit Up #3
Emma, Sheffield – zines_and_teaAThotmail.co.uk
Emma explains in the introduction that Fuck Shit Up #3 is made up of 2 merged zines– the first is a fun hand-drawn comic illustrating her adventures on a trip around Europe with friends, the second is more of a typical perzine, with typewritten articles on the best uses for garlic (popping a clove up your woowoo will cure thrush, apparently!), drinking games, a recipe for courgette cookies (which she assures us is tastier than it sounds), and how to make a DIY punchbag. Emma also discusses her favourite things about punk, including being political, living on the cheap, and doing it yourself. A very long section in the middle features a Lovecraft story called ‘The Outsider’, followed by a guide on how to make your own plushy Cthulhu – a bit of easy filler perhaps, but thoroughly entertaining nonetheless! The whole zine is good and cut-n-pastey, and is filled with Emma’s drawings. Loved it!

Drink The Sunshine #13 & #14
Tom, Cheltenham – finish_last_zineATyahoo.co.uk
Drink the Sunshine is a fun and friendly perzine, packed full of handwriting, doodles, adventures, and musings on growing older. Issue 13 is a double-sided A3 fold-out page, divided into roughly A6 sized jigsaw pieces. Each jigsaw features a random observation, such as the frustrations of Autocorrect, how excited Americans get about British history (“He’s older than Queen Victoria’s grave!”), people making insensitive remarks about his height, the use of text speak such as “soz” and “lol” in real life, and drivers using the wrong lanes on the roundabout. I loved this zine – the format was original, the content was funny, and I devoured it within minutes, which is always the mark of a good zine for me! Issue 14 is subtitled “Eight Gigs I Never Went To”; the zine documents 8 gigs that Tom was due to go to and somehow never ended up attending, often with a story about why Tom liked the artist. At the end of the zine, Tom invites us to count how many of the often-spotted things at gigs we can see, e.g. a person wearing a shirt of the band that’s playing. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t enjoy reading this issue as much as #13, though people who are more into reading about bands and gigs might dig it.

Sabadee and Back

Booklet Review: Sabadee and Back

Sabadee and Back
by Cosmo’s Mom
$1 / 14 pages

Spoiler alert: Ok, I don’t know how the boy flies home at the end of this story but I’m an adult & the story takes places in a child’s imagination where all things are possible! This is the perfect zine for your first grader, and any kid who likes dinosaurs. Keep that long train runnin’

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Digging Up a Tennessee Anarchist

Zine Review: Digging Up a Tennessee Anarchist

Ross Winn - Digging Up a TennesseeAnarchist

Let’s face it: Ross Winn was not a saint. When Emma Goldman raised $60 in funds to help his impoverished, struggling family, Winn quickly used the money to buy a new printing press rather than to feed and clothe his wife and son. Yet this act epitomizes the passion Ross Winn embodied for his anarchist philosophies. He was on fire for social change & printed words were his tools. Over several decades, Winn published numerous journals including Winn’s Firebrand and The Advance. He understood that a free press is the key to discourse, that ideals and ideas need to flow between people in order to manifest in the realm of action.

With Digging Up a Tennessee Anarchist, Shaun & Ally are the curators of a perfectly choreographed zine. Robert Helms writes the introduction about the significance of documenting anarchist history so that we have role models and references to help frame our own philosophies. His meeting Shaun & Ally sent them down the path of uncovering and documenting Ross Winn’s life. This zine includes a biography of Winn, an essay about the process of discovering his history, letters written by his son to Emma Goldman, and excerpts from Winn’s journals. Digging Up a Tennessee Anarchist is a substantial, cohesive, highly readable body of work. Paper journals and zines are more relevant than ever as we struggle to communicate in the age of communication and create dialogue above the din & roar of technology. Through his dedication to social change and the craft of journalism, Ross Winn heralded inspiration that will now, thankfully, not languish in obscurity.

Mail box issues

Talked to the post office today and I may have a new PO Box number (when I paid for my renewal online it didn't register at the post office and they closed my mail box) So, if you sent stuff in for review and it was sent back to you, that's why. Sorry about that. I will try to get my old box number back, but might have a new one soon. blaaa. pic: Victoria BC

Catharsis: Trans Women’s Stories of Sexual Violence

Call for Submission: Catharsis: Trans Women's Stories of Sexual Violence

Call for Submission If you want to help further or have any questions please contact reddurkin@gmail.com
Catharsis: Trans Women’s Stories of Sexual Violence
**Please Share & Repost!**
Catharsis: Trans Women’s Stories of Sexual Violence is seeking written submissions from trans women who are willing to share their experiences of sexual violence and assault. The goal is to create a book-length collection of personal essays and stories from trans women about their individual experiences. Through compiling these stories, we hope to counteract the tendency of broader feminist dialog to deal with the subject of violence against trans women as hypothetical, ethereal, and comparatively minimal. We also hope that such a compilation would reinforce the place of trans women among all women and help to bring support and healing to our often overlooked communities.


What We’re Looking For: Stories of personal experience from self-identified trans women who are survivors of rape, sexual assault, or other sexual violence. Submissions should be roughly 2-5 pages in length and focus primarily on individual experiences and feelings. Because every individual processes these experiences in different ways, the “tone” of the collection will be left to the contributors. Anger, humor, grief, healing, indifference, etc. are all welcome themes. Those wishing to remain anonymous will have that wish respected and not be named in the final publication. Anonymity will be granted to the degree at which it’s requested, so please make your needs clear with your submissions.

Why Trans Women Only? The perception that trans women are less often targets of sexual violence is incredibly pervasive, even among allies to the trans community. This erroneous assumption is deeply rooted in cissexism, transphobia, and transmisogyny. While sexual violence affects many communities and is often taboo or “invisible” in those communities, trans women’s experiences are uniquely derided and ignored. This results in the isolation of trans women survivors, a culture of silence within broader trans communities, and a false pretense for the exclusion of trans women from feminist conversations about rape and assault. The purpose of this collection is to give voice to and encourage dialog around the specific reality of sexual violence against trans women. We are interested in work by trans women of all backgrounds, regardless of transition status, race, class, education, ability, age, orientation, or occupation. Any survivor of sexual violence that self-identifies as a trans woman is encouraged to contribute.

Anyone wishing to assist this project is encouraged to **forward this call for submissions widely.**
If you want to help further or have any questions please contact reddurkin@gmail.com

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hot Little Cut #1

Hot Little Cut #1

ADULTS ONLY, 32 pages, digest size, $4.00, by Carrie Q. Contrary >>> carrieqcontrary.blogspot.com + thecomixcompany[at]gmail .com
In the chick-authored comix / zine world, it seems way too rare to find subject matter dealing with unashamed sexual pleasure, joy, confessions, etc. since so much of the stuff I've seen comes across as shameful, hateful, militantly feminist in the ugliest way, and worst of all - boring and fucking yawn-inducing. Carrie's comic is just the opposite. In 'Attack of the Giant Libido', the protagonist can't satisfy her raging libido so recruits a small army of tiny dudes to pleasure her. It's hot, and reminds me of an illustration of a similar scene but with a guy and a dozen tiny naked girls. [I'll be damned if I can find it right now, fuckity-fuck it...]
The next story is of her earliest masturbation memories at age six - soap in the shower, a hose in summer, a bicycle wheel.
This is rare and courageous work, revealing 'taboo' sexual behaviours of a pre-teen. 

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