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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


by Brian Cogan, Brett Essler, Mike Faloon, and Brendan Kiernan

25 Pages
Size: Digest
$4.00 + Shipping

Submerging is a collaborative, essay zine featuring four different works by four different authors. Each essay manages to dip into the mind of the young to old psyche by exploring different thought processes and issues one can experience at various ages.

Printed on glossy, heavy-weight paper and bound with staples, this little zine pacts a punch in few pages. The essays are short, but not too short, each written from a different age perspective dealing with anything from mental health and the election to being "middle aged".

I felt the art inside the zine, especially the cover, really draws a reader in, really fitting in with the theme.

My main suggestion when deciding to dive-into (ha, see what I did there) this zine would be to take your time and let the essays sink in before speeding through the whole thing.

Overall, no matter what age, this zine manages to really draw your mind towards subjects some would try to pretend doesn't even exist. And, while one may find that something the complete opposite of what they would want to read, trust me, it's absolutely refreshing.

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Reviewed by Daniel Peralta
Completed on 01/17/2018; 3:23 PM CST

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