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Friday, May 29, 2015

Hiroshima Yeah! #123 [May 2015]


6 pages, 11.5" x 8.5", by Mark Ritchie & Gary Simmons >>> donbirnam [at] hotmail.com ... $1.00 or friendly email should [might? may?] get you a copy

Gary's life-in-prison series is about to wind up - this issue's instalment we find Gary with a mere seven days to get through until he's let out of the cage like a little bird, but it's not gonna be easy when there's a retarded douchebag calling him "wolfman" through the door of his cell. What's he gonna do? Smash the bloke? the twat deserves no less, no doubt about it, but smashing some prick who deserves it was what landed him in gaol in the first place. ... Mark's reviews are always a pleasure to read, and the one of The Eagles 'The Very Best Of' album was funny because the person who sent it to Mark probably thought he would - and hoped he would - do a "hatchet job" on it. However the plan backfired since Mark has always had a soft spot for the band. Which fact shortly leads to further admissions of "guilty pleasures". For example: "Oasis (but Liam is still a twat)" and 'Come Undone' by Robbie Williams, "(also a twat)". ... Among the reviews, Mark gave my diary comix the thumbs up! [Phew!] ... The other great piece in this issue is Simon Morris's 'Guide to Sex, Love and Relationships Part 2'.

Review by Stratru

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Miz Issue #1

Miz Issue #1

This is a mental health zine about living with bad depression and anxiety. The first half is about struggling and shows a progression through time. Miz tries different medications and gives updates, talks about her relationship with her husband, talks about trying to help herself.

The second half is more theoretical and talks about oppression. Miz quotes scholarly texts and talks about grad school.

I loved this zine, both halves. And I forgot to mention the expressive, beautiful, and strange drawings throughout. They add a lot. I wish I made zines more like this.

I would like to give you an example of the intelligence of this zine. I am upset about people talking shit about self-care. I've heard a lot of that lately, and I am in opposition.

But Miz's analysis made me see the other side more clearly. I would like to quote an important passage.

"but i also feel like the implication is that there is something wrong with me and with what i have been doing that is causing all my problems. as if my depression has just arisen from me not taking care of myself my whole life. i am missing something else though, a part of this puzzle of getting better, another piece of understanding that would let me connect with people over these issues or situate my experience within a broader social context. i hate feeling as though my problems are entirely my own doing and that it's my personal responsibility to transform myself into the right kind of person."

I find this passage brilliant and giving voice to something very important.

And the whole zine's like this.

Highly recommended for all fans of mental health zines and everyone who likes insight.


Review by Laura-Marie

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Not My Small Diary #18

Not My Small Diary #18
148 page, digest
$8.00 US / worldwide prices on order page

Delaine Derry Green has been putting out this ambitious  theme focused anthology of autobiographical comics since 1996. At issue number 18, you know she has to be doing something right. This is a literary quality publication, (no bar code number,) and no one could continue putting out a product like this for very long unless people were loving it and buying it.

 “Every issue of NMSD is like a Who’s Who of the comic/zine world. Worth every penny. NMSD never disappoints.” Xerography Debt

This issue is about pets. These are real peoples stories of real experiences with pets. Some are cute and charming , some are tragic. There's even a weird one bordering on psychedelic. The bulk of the stories are about cats and dogs, but others about a toad, chameleon, guinea pig, rats, cockatiel, cockatoo, koi, mice, Siamese fighting fish, tetra, goldfish, rabbits, and snakes.

This is one of those small press publications that you hope is around for many years to come.

Buy it. If not for yourself, for someone you love who loves pets.

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