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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Koogmo #4

Koogmo #4
8 1/2" x 11", 12 pages, $1/trade
Koogmo (formerly Whuddafug) is a text heavy zine with a particularly simple and uninteresting layout. Its saving grace is that the writing is good and the content is typically engrossing. Most issues have a wide variety of content, however this issue happens to be an exception. It starts out with some journal entries where you get a real feel for Anthony's view of the world. His view is either unique or he just writes about it well - possibly both. Either way, Anthony's telling of his day to day life and his perspectives on things are the most interesting parts of this zine. After the journal entries there are letters to the editor and a few zine reviews. The bulk of the zine is then taken up with a recounting of a trip to Cabo San Lucas. If you have never read Koogmo or Whuddafug, this issue may not be your best introduction, however I do recommend contacting Anthony and getting your hands on an issue or two.
Anthony Abelaye
PO Box 861294
Plano TX 75086


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