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Monday, April 21, 2008



via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on 4/8/08
A fallen angel seeks redemption that can never be had

Haverhill, MA, April 8, 2008 – When Lucifer decided to wage war on heaven with his third of the host of heaven's angels in tow, the lot of them fell from grace, forever condemned and cast away from the Almighty. Now one of them regrets having followed his new master and tries to make amends the only way he can.

In Demon's Regret, Asmodeus fell with the rest of his brethren and he has carried that guilt throughout time. Unfortunately, his demon status can never be revoked, but that won't stop him from thwarting Satan's plans any which way he can. Taking matters into his own hands, as he has done throughout history, Asmodeus uses the tools he has at his disposal to throw a pitchfork in the plans of the Father of All Lies.

Writer/Creator Mitch Brown tells this classic religious story with a new twist, dictated masterfully by his crisp dialogue and incredible imagination. Joining him for the ride is Comic Book Idol 3 finalist, and current Boom Studios! artist, Wilfredo Torres (Salem: Queen of Thorns) lending his exquisite artistic stylings to breathe life into this supernatural world. Colorist Mike Kilgore and letterer/designer Nate Pride also add their formidable talents and experience to the production of the book.

Providing covers for the book is comic book veteran and artist extraordinaire, Michael Golden. Golden's work can also be seen in recent issues of Iron Man, Exiles and Wonder Woman, and such classics as G.I. Joe, Micronauts, Batman and so much more.

Demon's Regret joins other popular titles from Digital Webbing, including Bloodrayne, Bleeders, Team 14 and Dark 48.

What the critics say:

"Anyone picking up this book will be in for a treat.... a story well worth reading."
Robert Sodaro, Freelanceink.blogspot.com

"4 out of 5 stars"
Richard Vasseur, Jazma Online Forum

"Bullseye. Take a chance and pick up this book."
Bill Gladman, Zonetrooper.com

"Demon's Regret is a taut anti-hero story. Leaves the reader craving the next issue."
Scoop - Mondo Media

Demon's Regret #1 (of 3) is in this month's issue of Previews scheduled for a June, 2008 release date.

For more information on Demon's Regret go to www.digitalwebbing.com.


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