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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not My Small Diary #15

Not My Small Diary #15 (two volume set)
140 pages total, digest size
$7.00 for the set

Everything about this issue is absolutely outstanding. Autobiographical comics by 54 different contributors on the theme: 15 Minutes of Fame – Brushes with Celebrity. Well worth the price. I give it a perfect score.

The Woman You Write Poems About

via Feminist Review by Feminist Review on 10/25/09
By Danielle Montgomery
AK Press

Most of the time when I read poetry books, I'll dog-ear the pages of poems I really like. I started to do this with Danielle (Dani) Montgomery's collection, The Woman You Write Poems About, but within the first twenty pages I realized I didn't have one non-bent-down page corner; every single poem in this collection is intriguing and amazing in its own way. What makes Montgomery's poetry outstanding is that she brings out the brutal truth of really hard subjects. Furthermore, the language she uses to do this is breathtaking in the way that a life realization seriously makes you stop for a second, until you realize you aren't breathing because you've been thinking these big thoughts instead. Montgomery's poetry brings up these big thoughts and makes you stop for a moment (or more).

The truths that Montgomery bring to the page involve the harsh realities of being a poor, single mother attempting to navigate the different types of violence in our society, and trying to keep her sanity while doing it. In the poem "S.S.A." Montgomery reveals:

on the phone
after my
conversation with mr. social security, I'm feeling like

the woman you write poems about

not the woman who writes poems

I'm feeling like that

a little tragic
with my two screaming kids

stained shirt

messed up hair

mr. social security wants to know

why can't you work

are you worthy


I give my best




this is a poem

from the woman you write poems about


I can write my own

maybe I already have

I'm a bad ass

on the phone

filling out forms all day

this is a poem
from the woman
you write poems about

She is the woman with the screaming kids. She is the woman who has no money and is trying to make ends meet with each roll of pennies. She is the woman who has been turned into a tool for artists seeking out an empathetic subject, but here she is becoming the artist. She is describing her own situation, and talking back to what has already been talked about her.

As a single mother and a poet, the two stereotypes of the poor single mother and the starving artist collide in Montgomery's work. She discusses the hardship of being depressed and being a mother ("poem for mamas with postpartum depression: we can make it through"), as well as the moments in her life that have sparked joy and creativity ("what the living do"):

at nineteen
I woke up in my apartment
to the sound of a man pissing
out back behind the dumpster
and I shook off sleep to listen
I loved the sound of him pissing
in congratulations
yes congratulations
we lived through another night

Sarcastic, raw, refreshing, humorous, and relieving in all of her honesty, Montgomery exposes her readers to what it means to face life's tough shit, look at it, do what you can with it, laugh, cry, and then continue to survive.

Review by Chelsey Clammer
Check out more reviews at http://www.feministreview.org

Smith, Andrew

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Sausage Hand Now Available! $6

Do you like mayhem in your comics? Not just a little bit, but a whole lot of it? Do you also like, along with the mayhem, the occasional deep philosophical musing about heaven, hell, and the costs/benefits of dealing with other people? Well, then you're in luck! You might be thinking that those things don't really go together, and you'd be right, except for the fact that this comic exists and blows that preconceived notion of yours right out of the water. There are two stories in this one, assuming that the first one can properly be called a story. It's all about a bloody fight between two brothers and, not to spoil the ending or anything, nobody wins. That's a small piece though, the meat of this thing is the next story, in which Sausage Hand, after working up the nerve to face the world, eats a rancid pork burger. He falls into a deep coma (thinking at first that he might be dead, which leads to his philosophical ramblings), meets the other side of his brain and almost makes a human connection with his waitress. This piques his curiosity about death so he does some research, which again renders him unconscious, and this time he meets his inner child and a strange invader in his mind. The whole thing reads like a more demented version of a Tex Avery cartoon, with characters growing and shrinking based on their confidence and mood, and with them all being able to pull whatever they need out of their throat at a moment's notice. It's not for the squeamish or humorless, but for everybody else, you're in for a treat. $6


Click Clack Distro - October

via Everyone's Blog Posts - We Make Zines by NicoleIntrovert on 10/25/09
Yes yes... It's late October and I am just getting around to post an update. It's been quite busy in my world. Most of my time going to the Richmond Zine Fest which is coming up November 6th & 7th. I will be tabling Click Clack Distro both days of the fest, and will be teaching a zine distribution workshop alongside Alex Wrekk on Nov. 7th.

For one more week you can help out Click Clack Distro with 20% of sales going to the SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) organization, First Candle through the month of October. This promotion is in support of SIDS Awareness Month. My zine, Introvert #6, is about my nephew, Ethan, who passed away in 2007 from SIDS.

New zines? Got em! - http://www.clickclackdistro.com

DIY or Don't We? #1

Out of Olympia, Washington this zine was put together by a woman named Nicki, compiling stories about community. Topics include a gardening project, volunteering for the Olympia Film Society, how the Ladyfest Bellingham came to be, basics of how to do media outreach, an article by Amy Adoyize and how her Razorcake column Monster of Fun began, Chris Kissoff with a piece on community, and how a woman from Cambodia joined with seven other women in college in Bangladesh to form a support group for one another. A very inspiring read that does a great job of encouraging the DIY ethic, by promoting to do it together.

Doris #27

Cindy's alphabet series continues with this final installment U thru Z. Even though it is part of a series, this issue of Doris stands strong on it's own. Chock full of everything inspiring that Cindy brings in all of her writing, she begins with the story of leaving home for Reed college in Portland. In Portland she finds solace and friendship within the local Food Not Bombs chapter. Cindy also writes about touring with her band and meeting friends plus rekindling old relationships along the way. The part of Doris #27 that really spoke volumes to me was the part on what happens when the punks grow up and how we can use our talents and what we have learned to live lives which contribute to our communities. A wonderful and uplifting read.

Mistaken For Straight

This zine by Chantel takes a unique look at identifying sexuality. She speaks of how people assume her to be straight because of the fact that she currently has a male partner. There is a great book list (including reviews) that Chantel has read in her journey to understand sexuality and help define herself. She also discusses why she rejects the term bisexual being that it only implies binary gender. Mistaken For Straight also touches on the coming out stories Chantel has experienced with her friends, family, and even the plumber.

My Time Annihilator

This is a super interesting zine that takes a brief look at the history of the 1930's science fiction fanzine. I think my favorite piece of info is simply the fact that the writer had to use a fake student ID in order to research this zine at a university in Philadelphia. My Time Annihilator takes a look at the printing and distribution trends of the era. There is also an appendix with copies of some of the fanzines researched. I also loved learning some of the slang of the time period such as "faaan" and "egoboo"

NO FLAG # 2 and 3 (double-number) (Spain, 1992)

via punks is hippies - the blog! by Slobodan Burgher on 10/26/09

Hello Tony.

As I promised a long, long, long time, here's a link to another copy of the fanzine NO FLAG,(issue 2-3 because it was a double issue) if you want to use it to your blog.

It was published in Spain in 1992 and well ... I hope you like and serve you something.

the link is: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XYL7RPRO

and password:www.metal80.com

I am almost ashamed to send this by viewing all you have in your blog, but I suppose someone could take advantage.

I will continue sending you things if it's ok for you. See you!


Friday, October 30, 2009

RUIDO CRUDO # 3 (Argentina, 2009)

via punks is hippies - the blog! by Slobodan Burgher on 10/26/09

hi tony, how you doing?? here seba from argentia with the #3 of ruido crudo zine. could you please upload it to your blog? and keep it alive forever! your work is great! thakn you very much! cheers! SEBA

ruido crudo is a d-beat raw punk zine from argentina. #3 with interviews to moderat likvidation, mob 47 and ABC no rio from NYC. also records, cds and zine reviews. vegan//vegetarian recipes, and more!! if you want the paper version, get in touch!

ruido crudo es un zine de argentina dedicado al d-beat raw punk. el #3 trae entrevistas a moderat likvidation, mob 47 y el espacio ABC no rio de nueva york. ademas reseñas de discos, cds y zines, recetas vegetarianas//veganas y mas!! si queres conseguir la version en papel ponete en contacto!

Download! [18mb]

Things Undone - Shane White (NBM Publishing)

via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on 10/24/09

Things Undone was one of my best finds at APE this year. Yes, my first time to be at this show in San Francisco. Lots and lots of books to look at and this was my favorite, so that says one heck of alot! I must admit that I only found the book because Shane White the artist, writer, genius showed it to me at his booth, and I was at his booth because he and I go way back when we both worked at the gaming company his character in this book works at. Don't for a minute think that my opinon of this book was swayed due to the fact that I know Shane, and know he is a comic mastermind and artist extrodinare. No, I liked the book the minute I flipped through it. First of all it is mostly based on Shane's life and I love true stories. It is also about 20 percent fantasy (The zombie parts.) and I feel that this just brought his story to a more interesting avenue. I can't say enough for the art in this book. The way Shane can grab you and carry you along from panel to panel is masterful. His unique use of orange to shade the black and white line art is fantastic. But just because the art is very, very good, don't be fooled. The story is amazing. It takes you into the characters life and you "feel" for him. Let's just say things are not going well for this poor guy. I can't say enough great things about this book. You simply need to go to this link: http://www.nbmpub.com/comicslit/white/whitehome.html buy the book today....and see for yourself.

I also shot a video interview with Shane and will post a link to this YouTube video once I've edited it and posted it there. Yes, Shane likes orange.

5 out of 5 stars!!!!! Read an interview with Shane White, see more about this book, with some comic pages here: http://www.newsarama.com/comics/070907-ThingsUndone.html And while you are at it, visit Shane's web site here: http://www.shanewhite.com/index.htm

Mandy Fariello from MA

via Rachel's Mail Art Site by noreply@blogger.com (Rachel) on 10/22/09

Jin & Jam #1

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Jin & Jam #1 Now Available! $5

Are you one of the many comics readers who constantly thinks "these little books of words and pictures are fine, but what I'm really looking for is a big old fight scene involving pair of teenage conjoined twins"? If so, you have finally hit the jackpot. This issue seems to be basically an introduction to the characters, and it's a very honest way of showing this without ending up being pretentious or sappy. Jin is hanging out with her friend Hank outside of a church, smoking and eating. There's a lot of eating in this comic, now that I think about it. Anyway, Jam is in the church and decides to get some air. She runs into the two outside the church, she tells them they can't be there, a cigarette is offered (and snuck into a Bible) and a friendship begins, although neither of them seems to be aware of this fact. Later they run into each other at school when Jin hears about a fight and comes down to check it out. It's Jam versus the conjoined twins, and it a knock-down drag-out type of thing. I've already said way too much about this comic, but, speaking as a boy, it's a fascinating peek into a world I know next to nothing about. That being said, these two becoming friends isn't much different from what I experienced growing up, so I am quite possibly full of it. Either way it makes for a good story. Here's hoping there's more to come with these two. Oh, and if you're as weird as I am and noticed the extra "L" in Hellen's name, you'll be happy to know that she's well aware of that and played it up a bit with her website. Go on and click it, you know that made you curious. $5


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lollypop Shoved Up My Ass

Lollypop Shoved Up My Ass (July/August 2009)

From my experience, this is a fairly typical issue of Isabelle’s zine. It includes show reviews of mainstream bands (Green Day, No Doubt, The Virgin Fest, and The Pretenders) along with some album reviews (also of mainstream bands). There are a couple of sexually explicit pieces for folks that are into that sort of thing: a short-story (fiction?) and 20 sex tips. Isabelle also shares her thoughts on the death of Michael Jackson and offers a less than eloquent argument about how Guitar Hero has changed the music industry. A couple of top 10 lists round out the issue. Not likely to win zine of the year award, but an appealing effort for anyone interested in the aforementioned topics. $1/trades preferred, Isabelle Guns, PO Box 42085, Champlain PO, Vancouver BC V5S 4R5, Canada 


Review by Dan Murphy, publisher of The Juniper, and Elephant Mess. If you wish to swap zines with him, send them to: Dan Murphy, PO Box 363, Edwardsville IL 62025, http://juniperbug.blogspot.com


Stick, Monkey!!

Wordless zine detailing the adventures of a magnetic monkey hanging on different objects found around the city of Moscow, Idaho. Maaike has photographed the monkey at twenty four different spots and compiled them into this pleasant, little zine. Sites include the grocery store, the post office, a drinking fountain, a fire hydrant, various types of vehicles and more. This is worth a look, and all Maaike is asking for in return is a trade of any kind including stickers, a stamp or even just a friendly note. Maaike Davidson, PO Box 8891, Moscow ID 83843, USA


Review by Dan Murphy, publisher of The Juniper, and Elephant Mess. If you wish to swap zines with him, send them to: Dan Murphy, PO Box 363, Edwardsville IL 62025, http://juniperbug.blogspot.com


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunday Secrets


via PostSecret by postsecret on 10/21/09

PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people
mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.

(via twitter)
They had a PostSecret display at Barnes and Noble. It was cool! It included instructions to send in your own secret on a postcard. @makeupforlifee

(via email)
I'm a school photographer and will never forget the picture I took of a little girl with luekemia. This 10-year-old, came up to my camera sat down and whipped her wig off. I stood there in shock for a second. To this she responded "I want to be remembered as me. Not as the girl with the wig" 

I went home a different person that day.  I'm proud to say that picture was not airbrushed.

PostSecret Community

(via PSC)
The file name says, "Can you decode this"
It's written in Marlett font.
"Emily and Zoe are the bomb digity."

(via email)
I found a secret in a book. I loved it so much I kept it in my wallet. When my wallet was stolen I was more upset about losing someone's secret than I was about my credit cards.

(via email)
I like to think that it was my secret you found. It's okay that you lost it, maybe the person who has it now needed to see the secret more than anyone else.


Michael Latimer – New Dooome Print

via LCSV4 by LowercaseIndustry on 10/17/09


New 1 colour O.G black and white print by Michael Latimer available here

Edition of 80, £20. Signed and numbered in white ink.

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