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Friday, April 11, 2008

Ideas in Pictures #3


via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 3/15/08

Ideas in Pictures #3 / :10 / $1 / Half-Sized / 28 Pages / ideasinpictures@yahoo.com / N4409 Duck Creek Rd , Helenville WI 53135 / 

Colin, the editor, sat next to me during AMC 2003. Pretty cool, ey was pandering various pieces of art and showing individuals eir's recreation of a calf's feeding box. Colin's sketchy style permeates this issue, with only a minor amount of handwritten or typewritten text to break up the extremely hard-to-read text. However, while Colin is an artist first and foremost, the key agenda with this issue of Ideas in Pictures is to show the atrocities that surround the meat industry. The only thing that comes to be a major issue with this zine is the fact that Colin can put a personal spin and a small amount of facts to back up eir's beliefs, but I'm still wanting to know more. Aside from putting eir's e-mail address and mentioning one book title (Fast Food Nation) we, as the readership of this zine, have to go by blind faith on what Colin is saying. Don't get me wrong: this issue of Ideas in Pictures is not supposed to be a dissertation, but rather a personal-themed zine that very quickly glosses over a few facts. Colin seems to be still formulating eir's beliefs in the matter; ey knows the atrocities of the industry, and proclaims that "there is no reason for them to expect anything from me either, especially my money", but there is a written equivalent to a quake in Colin's "voice". The zine reads quickly, and is compelling due to the humanity that Colin exudes personally and to the animals that ey details in this issue.

Rating: 6.3/10


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