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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hobson's Choice Review of Dorothea #2


via pxs distro by Mike on 3/22/08
My oh my. I haven't been this hooked into a zine for a long time. Each story in this issue is bite-size but, like candy, you end up eating the whole package at once. What really grabbed my attention is how clearly the voice comes through; the style is beautiful. While most of the stories are on the dirty side with a large focus on sex and murder, there are a few pieces that transcend it. 'The Creep' is an unrealized character study, and it's backed up by stories about a painter named Ludwig. Now for the bad: Mike's grammar is pretty atrocious. Do not let this fool you into thinking that he cannot write, however; there is something very powerful in the way he conveys his stories. I put issue 2 down and felt the rush of inspiration again. If there is truly anything that can be considered 'American Writing' today, it's coming from the mind of Mike Baker.
Check out Hobson's Choice.


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