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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Sick: A Book of Postcards

yeah, what she said:

via Feminist Review by Feminist Review on 3/24/08
By Cristy C. Road
Microcosm Publishing

I really dig postcards. They're the cheapest way to send a bit of mail to friends, a quick and inexpensive 'hello' that doesn't involve computer technology. Postcards are tangible and real, something that can be hung on the wall or stuck in a journal so every time the receiver looks at it, she or he can think sweet thoughts about the sender. It's especially nice when the picture on the front is lovely and speaks to the person receiving the card.

With this collection of postcards showcasing the art of Cristy Road, you are sure to find something appropriate to send to every friend in your address book. From bikes to dumpsters to dildos; from beautiful women with hairy legs, glasses, and healthy curves to fellows who don't look like macho men or Hollywood studs; in black and white and color, this selection of six year's worth of Road's work includes plenty of images to make everyone you know smile/think/sigh/dream.

Cristy Road has been making punk zines since she was 14 years old and has created art for Bitch and Jane, Green Day, The Queers, Ladyfest East, the Icarus Project, Maximumrocknroll, and NARAL. Both her feminist sensibilities and punk/DIY aesthetic shine through in her work, and even her most heartbreaking pieces are marvelous and gorgeous.

I highly recommend these cards for anyone who wants to communicate the old fashioned way of ink on paper - whether you are going to send them through the mail, give them with a gift, or use them to leave notes for friends who aren't home when you drop by for a visit. Just be sure to pick out a few to hang on your own refrigerator or bathroom mirror so Cristy Road's worldview can inspire and amaze you every day.

Review by Chantel C. Guidry

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