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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Fix, The Mix and The Free

via Planning with Kids by PlanningQueen on 4/25/08

Mixtape is a very cool little zine that comes out of Melbourne. It is a zine about making time for the small things - collision of craft, eco-cool and pop culture kitsch!

I am lucky enough to be having an article published in Issue 4 which is due out May 5. The article answers a question I posed to myself:

How did I end up in the 'burbs', with a people mover and a slight obsession for planning everything via a spreadsheet?

As well as a little bit about me, issue 4 features articles such as: Vickie Howell Interview!, How to make a mixtape, Numerology, 10 ways to green your lunch, Eating Green, Book reviews, Recipes, Crafty Lady Profile "Leah" aka hyena-in-petticoats, and much much more! 48 pages. A complete bargain at $6.00. (They do mail overseas.) You can purchase the zine online via their shop at bigcartel or check out the sidebar of the mixtapezine blog for Melbourne Stockists, which includes the lovely Meet Me at Mikes.

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