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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mission Statement

Syndicated Zine Reviews exists to facilitate connecting zine writers, artists, and publishers with potential audiences. We believe freedom of expression is the cornerstone of a free society.

In addition to reading and reviewing zines, we reprint from other sources, and gladly accept submissions. There is a variation (lack of consistency) in how information is presented, and a varying degree of objectivity. That's fine with us; we ascribe to a clearinghouse mentality in the belief that consumers benefit more from lots of choices, and are smart enough to take opinions in stride while making up their own minds.

We diligently try to credit our sources on everything, especially all the stuff we steal. If we have overlooked something please let us know.

We need info and updates on all things zines related: distributors, bookstores, libraries, conferences, web sites, free speech, etc.

We welcome (solicit) participation. It is our vision this become an open-source, anti-authoritarian, non-hierarchal project that pretty much runs itself. (we can't stress this enough - ANYONE can reviews zines!) This is more an exercise in practicality and sustainability than an opera of idealism. The evolution and transition of media from print to web has left the zine community scrambling to adjust. Our intention is to help connect the dots.

Please send your comments to quazipseudo at g mail

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