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Friday, April 18, 2008

Inside Joke #6


via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 3/22/08

This is another of the zines that I grabbed off the free table at last year's UPC, and while this zine is one of the most clean I've seen, I take interest, almost offense, at some of the content contained within. For example, he was able to land an interview with perennial Christian ska'ers Five Iron Frenzy. He asks a harmless question in "Explain the song "Fahrenheit"", to which one of the band members replies "homophobia is just as big a sin as homosexuality". Perhaps the band member is just wayward in his desire to be a good man, but the fault should be on Dave for blowing up the quote. Last time I checked, the Bible (at least, in the Greek) condemns those who are weak-willed, specifically likening them to those young boys that would take what most now call the "bottom" position during anal sex. It is not a direct comparison, and through the years, the original Greek has been corrupted by the right to allow for a Nazi-esque persecution of homosexuals. Other pieces include what most people see in a zine - a scene report, interviews with a band and a record label owner, and reviews. However, along with all of this typical material is an anti-abortion rant that is written of as a humanitarian gesture, i.e. under the vestiges of "Rock for Life", an organization that has numerous times been linked to neo-Nazi activity. If this is your type of magazine, go ahead and try to rustle up a copy. Hell, I'll send you mine, as you can probably tell I have no desire to keep it. This was the last issue, but the guy might be doing another zine. AIM him at zinedrk.

Rating: 2.0/10.


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