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Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Suppose #2


via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 3/26/08

I Suppose #2 / Half-Sized / 28 Pages / isupposezine@yahoo.com / 

This zine is a fairly quick read, with a number of pictures obscured from the method of printing in this issue. Starting off with some poems or song lyrics (one is not sure due to the lack of attribution), the zine incorporates a story stolen directly from the local town newspaper. All and all, this block of poetry and weird stories, which is otherwise bolstered by a number of high-school specific pieces (taken from the school newspaper), works pretty much without fault. I was able to bring my experience into play with the High School-centered pieces, which detailed the problem with "Seminar", a study-hall/0th period type of thing, and about "line rage", a problem with people cutting in line. A very fanzinish type of piece about Placebo spruces up the centerfold of the zine, while Mr./Mrs. Turtle straddles the line between absurdism and mis-interpreting the desires of homo or bi-sexual males. Still, the zine is relatively fun to read, even with the obscured pictures and the ideological misstep. Like some of my old issues of Amish Drive-By, I Suppose #2 has a few pages that are completely without any adornment. Whether it was a miscounting of the number of pages available or just a lack of material, one may never know. One can definitely check out this zine, which is just bursting with potential.

Rating : 6.2/10


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