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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guitar Wolf covers


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Ooooops, I forgot I have a blog. More music covers, now from the world's greatest jet rock 'n' rollllllllllllllllllllllllll band Guitar Wolf. They used to have radical covers drenched in sweat and leather, now their covers are pretty boring...

"Somethin' Else", 1995. "LIVE!", 2000. "Kung Fu Ramone", 1994.

"Wolf Rock!", 1993.

"Wild Zero Original Soundtrack", 1999. "Kaminari One", 1998.

"Planet of the Wolves", 1997.

"Run Wolf Run", 1994. "Missile Me", 1995.

"Jet Generation", 1999.

"Murder by Rock", 1999. "Golden Black", 2005.

"Love Rock", 2004. "UFO Romantics", 2002. "Mars Twist", 2007.

BONUS! Here's a video of them Preforming JET GENERATION in Stockolm 11 July 2007.



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WEEKEND POSTCARDS: meager edition!


This is the meager-est batch to date, in that it's only one postcard. Featuring Suehiro Maruo, black card stock and some strange copper metallic adhesives.
It is en route to a recipient as we speak :B

See the full gallery on posterous

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July 24, 2009


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More Secrets on Twitter


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via PostSecret by noreply@blogger.com (postsecret) on 7/25/09

PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people
mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.

-----Email Message-----

I've had sex with a Food Network Star. It wasn't very memorable.

-----Email Message-----

As a child, when the "tooth fairy" left money under my pillow, I would sneak the few dollars I got back into my mom's purse. She was a hard working single mom.

I'm in love with two men. I'm not married to the better of the two.
(Decoded by Alex & Troy; PostSecret Community)

-----Email Message-----


-----Email Message-----


that twitter secret you posted today was mine (postmark AK) and i mean what i wrote on that card.

i had finally figured out a way to end it and have it work and i was determined - i remember getting that tweet and then spending 2.5 hours on the phone with someone, going through every emotion and crying longer and harder than i ever had before.

it was the first time in my 24 years that i felt like someone was listening to me. thank you for reminding me that if things get really bad again, i have a number to call.

-@alittlelove (with permission)

-----Email Message-----

Dear Frank (and @alittlelove),

One year ago, my best friend and cousin Nicole Trinh took her own life at the age of fifteen. I thought the feeling of absolute depression would never leave me.

Last night I read @alittlelove's postcard. I organized my own team of walkers, Teens Making a Difference, and in less than twenty four hours found fourteen participants. It's not much, but it feels like a good start.

More Secrets, Stories & Surprises @PostSecret on Twitter.

-----Email Message-----

I drive with barely any gas in my car because I like the rush of not knowing if I'll make it home.

-----Email Message-----

I thought it was a ring, and I refused to open it...

Pre-order your copy of the new book today and thanks for supporting PostSecret.


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new ink "Remus 4 the Coordinator"


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July 26, 2009


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"We are all here for a spell,
get all the good laughs you can."
Will Rogers


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Milky Way Shuffle by Chris Eliopoulos!


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Hey dudes, Elio has a new zine for sale and is apparently too bashful
to post it here! So - MILKY WAY SHUFFLE!
"36 pages, 4.5'' x 5.5'', b/w interior, glossy color cover.
Self published and Printed, July 09.
Tonight is Berwyn's first "cool kid party". With his spray on
deodorant and pimple cream, our favorite nerd is ready to boogie. But
when a UFO suddenly crashes the party and snatches the Earth girls,
it's up to Berwyn to get them back!
Bonus material includes: Instructions on how to do the Milky Way
Shuffle, the latest dance craze straight from Jupiter! And an original
sketch by Elio, just for you!
Visit www.eliohouse.com to order!"

See the full gallery on posterous

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It's a shitburg crap palace out there, economically-speaking. The bad news is that a lot of artists (well, a lot of everyone) are having a rought time. When some spare dollars are scrounged up, now is an especially important time to:

1) support cartoonists/artists directly, vote-of-confidence/18th century patronage style!
2) and in the process land some really fresh and not-oft-available originals from hot-ass "up-&-comers".

Anyway, here is a quick collection of friends/folks that are selling originals or doing commissions that you might want to hook up with. If you've got anything to add to the list, lemme know!


+ Laura Park

Laura is offering original art in Color or Black & White on commission via her flickr (which features the first handful of pieces she's done). No information on rates posted. [details]

+ Angie Wang

Not sure how crazy active she is on this tip, but I saw a few commission pieces for print publications (Time Out Singapore) on her blog and a well-funded Sandman fanatic who commissioned the above piece. No information on rates, but in the word's of the merchant dude in Resident Evil 4: "ooooh I'd buy it at a HIGH priceeee!" [details]

+ Hellen Jo

As part of the launch of her new Etsy shop (more on this forthcoming from Hellen), Hellen is doing commission artwork for personal "use". We're talking lush watercolors here, in two size options: 5"x7" ($65) and 11"x17" ($150). She will draw whatever you want, I recommend something with babes and monsters. [details]

+ Johnny Ryan

The first person I ever commissioned original art from, Johnny is a workhorse with impeccable skills and flexibility. In addition to the piece for me above ("The shark monster from Junji It's Gyo eating me."), I've commissioned him to do pieces for Alice's birthday and Evan's birthday. $100 for a custom 6"x8" black and white piece [details].

+ Michael DeForge

Homey is selling original drawings via his Livejournal, with a promise of extra goodies thrown in (in proportion to how long it takes him to send the art). I was able to nab an original drawing for $30-- a STEAL! Wait, they might be all sold out? [details].

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