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Saturday, May 31, 2008

O.J. Killed Elvis #2

via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 5/11/08
This is a reprint of the original zine, where the editor Mike made notes about the pieces he had originally wrote 4 years before. Where he says that the zine sound amazingly well, I just don't see what that was. I mean, the zine is a fun read, but bogged down by a lot [...]

Obscurity Unlimited #17

via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 5/10/08
Obscurity Unlimited #17 I got this magazine because my #7 was reviewed in it. Still, I don't know how the editors of this magazine got this issue. Nevertheless, this magazine does wonders for the small press person, including a great number of helpful reviews, interviews with fellow small press creators, and even goes as [...]

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Night Life of Trees

via katy*art by noreply@blogger.com (katy) on 5/23/08
Last week was the week of awesome mail! First off, I received this book:
The Night Life of Trees
It's called the Night Life of Trees. It was published by Tara books in India and it is Bee-a-u-ti-ful! It's completely hand bound and Screen printed. Each page has a different tree and a little bit of Indian folklore to accompany the tree.The drawings were made by by three artists of the Gond tribe of Central India- Bhajju Shyam, Durga Bai, and Ram Singh Urveti. I just love the warm colors on the black paper. I've been seeing a lot of work on black backgrounds lately and I really love how it looks! Anyways, here are some of my fave pages:
The Night life of Trees

The Night life of Trees

The Night life of Trees
Actually, the person I need to thank most for this discovery is Miss Julia Rothman, who posted about this gem on her blog, Book By It's Cover. By the way, that is one of my fave blogs of the moment...if you dig all things book related, check it out, and often!

Allright, moving on...I was very thrilled to open my mailbox and find this:
King Brown magazine (cover by Jeremy Fish)
It's the new issue of King Brown magazine (from Australia!). It's a really high quality mag. Check out the rad cover by Mr. Jeremy Fish.

Anyways, they feature several artists from all over the place and I got to be one of them! Each artist answered the same questions and we each got a little spread with pictures of our work and work places. Here's mine:
King Brown magazine

King Brown magazine

King Brown magazine
Oh yeah, each artist has a page that shows their favorite studio items. That was fun to see. The mag is kind of hard to find in the us, but if you are interested, there is a list of vendor on their site.

Zeen Review: Analog Apocalypse #4


This is a fairly typical punk fanzine. It's a4 portrait format, B&W & staple bound. There's quite a lot of white font on black & in A4 format I'm sure whoever owned the copier this got manufactured on may have been a bit peeved. I've come to respect my copiers too much to give them that kind of punishment & I was checking my fingers for toner rub-off while I read it. It's got rants by 'Uncle Matty' & loads of articles on bands, guitarists & reviews of gigs & albums. Like 'Feminista' I perk up when there's an article on something venturing away from strict punk, like I found out about Sun Ra through this zeen. But my favourite article was a collection of e-mails from Mark of the Beast detailing his European holiday & visiting his gal pal Berliner Bun, something much closer to the perzine journalism I'm more @ home with, this is what I'll 'Analog Apocalypse' #4 for.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Adam Among the GODS- Aazurn Publishing

via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on 5/9/08

Adam Among the Gods, Aazurn Pubishing. Full size comic, full color inside and out. Art by James Lyle, Story, colors and more by Gary Scott Beatty. $3.99 24 pages.

The story was captivating from the start. The art is wonderful and the coloring really accentuates it all. This is a great comic. The story is one that I think more movies are about to explore in slightly different ways (See Blindness out this summer for one of them.) where in our quest for perfection, there is always a cost. I won't give it away here but this is a very good take on that premise. The reveal of Adam was complete for me and I should have seen it coming but didn't. I'd of not shown that image on the cover if it was me. You see I didn't look at it all that close at first and was glad I didn't since I let the story unfold and they have it sprung on me. Bravo to this team of creators for a very nice comic package. Very cool design to have the book appear to be in the grass and being read by someone. A book within a book.

I have already reviewed Seductions by AAzurn Pubishing, another book I really liked.

Adam gets 5 out of 5 stars!

http://www.aazurn.com/ and Gary Scott Beatty: http://www.garyscottbeatty.com/

Obscene Emission #2

via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 5/9/08
Obscene Emission #2 / $? / :45 / 64M / 109 Arnold Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island 02905 / This is the first crust-punk zine that I can honestly say I've had the pleasure to read. As I should have guessed, there is not much in the way of white space in this issue, with [...]

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


via Reed Space (New York) by noreply@blogger.com (reed space) on 5/28/08
The day before his wedding, Sean Bell was shot and killed by the New York Police Department in a barrage of 51 bullets. Although the five murderers have admitted to slaying the unarmed Bell, they remain free and acquitted of all counts.

Colin of Mr. Matsui Design responds to this unpunished killing with this provacative zine documenting and commentating on this story of politics, corruption, and murder. Each zine was personally shot fifty one times with .40 caliber and 9MM handguns, respectively. The package includes the zine, stickers, and gun shells.

38 Pages, 11 x 17 in, b/w Photocopy, Edition of 50, 2008.
Shot in Harrisburg, PA.
For questions or comments email: seanbellzine@gmail.com

Vaccum Grievance. Check it out.


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via Arrived On Scene! by Randy 322 on 5/26/08

vaccumSo my brother along with his friend Matt have put thier writing caps on and put together a collection of some literary works in a zine.

I picked up a copy and took a look, this is an awesome short read.  A handful of small poems that go deeper than the pages that hold them.  Can't wait for the next zine to be released.  You can get your copy at The World Is Not Ready.  Go and pick one up quick as there are limited quantities available at this time,  nor is there any news of a 2nd print.

Who knows, maybe if I get to be so lucky you will see some of my creative side come out in one of my brothers future zines.  LOL!  I will write a Haiku (I am good at those).


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I've been attending this...


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via Barley Hush by noreply@blogger.com (Sarah Howell) on 5/26/08

Street Press @ City Library
Starting Wed 14 May > Wed 9 July 2008
6 > 7.45pm.

To book ring 96589500

This is an opportunity for all of those interested in any aspect of Street Press from zines to comics, from magazines to blogs, any genre and any level, all are welcome.

Whether you're a budding writer, designer, editor, artist, programmer or photographer, there will a space for you to meet the like minded, exchange ideas and learn new skills .


Good group of people, things are just getting underway.


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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Chainbreaker Bike Book: A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance

via Feminist Review by Feminist Review on 5/8/08
By Shelley Lynn Jackson and Ethan Clark
Microcosm Publishing

This "rough guide to bicycle maintenance" is really two books in one. The first half is a bike repair manual, with which the authors strive to "serve many people, from the very beginner to a decent mechanic who just likes to geek out." I found the how-to instructions accessible, written in a way that is easy to understand, not in "high tech or cool dude language." Although both authors have been professional bike mechanics and stalwart volunteers at the New Orleans Community Bike Project, they come across as real people who just want to help other real people repair and maintain bicycles — no bike snobs here!

The illustrations — by Ethan, Shelley, and Happy, the title page proclaims — are really awesome. They are simple but informative, slightly cartoonish, but factual. For folks who need to know what different styles of bikes or different kinds of tools look like, there are pictures here to help. There are also drawings to assist with adjusting breaks, truing wheels, and replacing cables, as well as other repair and maintenance projects.

The manual ends with two appendices. The first is a directory of community bike programs in the United States and abroad, followed by a helpful glossary of bike terms.

The second half of the book consists of reprints from past issues of the Chainbreaker zine. Shelley Lynn Jackson edited and self-published Chainbreaker from 2001-2005, but was unable to continue after losing her typewriter, clip art, desk, drawing supplies, and home to flooding following Hurricane Katrina. Lucky for readers, she was able to collect some of her favorite parts of the old zines in this compilation.

Shelley's excitement about bicycles shows in the articles she wrote and collected for her zine. In her introduction to the very first issue of Chainbreaker, in a love letter to bikes, aptly called "For the Love of a Bicycle," she details all that bikes have to offer. "…[T]he bicycle shows a person that their [sic] are options, that there are other ways of living, new horizons undiscovered." Romantic? Yes. True? Definitely.

Chainbreaker contains not only Shelley's voice, but includes the art and writing of other folks too. There are instructions for making a bike tube belt from Spitshine the Eye zine, directions for constructing bucket paniers [sic] from Joe Biel of Microcosm, and art and words from long time zinester Icky Apparatus. Andalusia contributes an account of volunteering at Maya Pedal, a bicycle-recycling center in Guatemala, and Happy explains bicycle delivery New Orleans style. Co-author Ethan Clark has participated in the project from nearly the beginning as a contributor of stories and images to the zine.

This bike repair manual doesn't just show how to fix things; it provides a lot of encouragement and inspiration as well. Shelley gives several pep talks to women throughout the book, cheering us on to "stand up and be heard…get to know the tools and language…ask questions and look for guidance, but look to your own sense of logic as well." That's good advice, not just for bike repair, but for everything we do in life.

Review by Chantel C. Guidry

Click here to buy:

The Chainbreaker Bike Book

Check out more reviews at http://www.feministreview.org

Friday, May 23, 2008

Michael Klopner's WONDERFUL SUMMER

via file under other by noreply@blogger.com (Shannon Smith) on 5/7/08
Wonderful Summer by Michael Klopner
24 pages. Black and white with color cover. Magazine sized. 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

I've been aware of Klopner's comics for a while and I really like his stuff. I've previously covered his comics in my reviews of Shiot Crock 11 and 13. His entry in SC 11 was a superhero parody with some interesting erotic elements but it was his relationship based stuff in SC 13 that made me a fan. This book is a magazine sized mini and the format works well with Klopner's art. Klopner uses big thick blacks and around twelve panels per page so I couldn't imagine this stuff looking that great at a smaller size without breaking up the panels and thus breaking up the pacing.

Wonderful Summer contains a fair deal of relationship based stuff similar to the True Candy strips I liked so much in SC13 but the book as a whole is mixed bag. The book is made up of five stories and some filler. If there is a unifying theme it is nihilistic characters embracing and reveling in a lurid world. Even the most amicable characters in the book express an interest violence and perversion.

The first story, Blood Brothers, is a hard case crime noir super hero punk mash up kind of thing. It has a neat juxtaposition of styles with the detective being drawn thick and sleek and the costumed baddies being quite gritty but the story is the least imaginative of the book.

The next item is a one pager called Blue Thong that cuts right to the chase with sex in the first panel. (Sampled above. Well, minus the first panel.) This is more representative of the almost instant character development Klopner is capable of. Right away you feel you know these characters and their background. It also exemplifies that wet lurid inking style I like in Kopner's comics.

The next few pieces, Frankensteins & Mirrors, Dark Coitus and Charlotte are underground rawness meets rockabilly meets post modern punk nihilism. (Don't you just hate reviews where the writer can't think of the words to describe something so they say it's one thing "meets" another thing? Me too.) These stories deal with some very depraved yet believable characters and their extreme sexual fetishes. They are right on the brink of being over the top but Klopner's dialog and humor hold it together. Charlotte is the most ambitious of the these stories. It is a Twilight Zone kind of story about a pedophile haunted by one of his victims. The twist is that the ghost does not want revenge but instead wants a playmate. It is sick and twisted yet clever and Klopner manages to pull it off as a complete story in just eight pages.

(Click the image to enlarge. Seriously, it's a really nice page.)

The last piece in the book is a three pager called Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows. This is my favorite piece in the book. This is another story where we start with sex in panel one but it is the most positive and least violent story in the book. It's not much more than a simple day in the life of two young lovers but it's packed with all the elements I like so much in Klopner's comics; the thick wet inks, bold character design, a sexy femme fatale, rock references, clever dialog, racy pillow talk... but this short tale also allows the characters to show some vulnerability and depth not present in the rest of the book. In this story, the most dangerous element is not sex or violence but the two characters feelings for each other. The drawing and page layouts in this story are very nice and once again, Klopner manages to cover a lot of space in a few pages. I would gladly buy a big thick book of this kind of material and I hope he is working on more stories like it.
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

Against The Flood - a review


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via pxs distro by Mike on 5/6/08

I write small pieces so it isn't that.

These all seem like small incomplete pieces. That isn't to say she isn't a good writer. She's a fine writer. It just seems like each section is a shard of a piece, a "piece" of something. It sems like notes for a zine, the concept of a zine.

She writes about bulimia and anrexia. She tries to be happy. She makes a list. She wants to undertand who she is, how she's differnet while somehow want to fit in. I think she's a lesbian. Pretty standard fare.

Again: she is a fine writer. Very easy on the eyes...

Also she handwrites in places and while she has a pretty 13 year old girl handwriting, its awful to read. Also address, just an e-mail: dumpster.mouse@gmail.com and no price.

Here's what I would do:

I would send her 2 bucks and get this. It's short but like I said, she has a clean earnest writing style and there isn't much filler. Now you're on her mailing list. Once she cleans up her style, tightens the screws, she'll be a writer to read. Also she reviews funtionally ill #3 which is one of the best zines out there.


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Liam Devowsky

via heartthrobs & villains by noreply@blogger.com (Jess) on 5/22/08

I just pre-ordered the 2nd edition of this Zine.

Described as "15 pages of 70s-inspired graphical sadness."

I don't know how I feel about graphical sadness yet.

But if it includes more pages like "& ampersad" i'm in.

Plus, he made an animated gif. I LOVE animated gifs!


website etsy flickr

Thursday, May 22, 2008

RIOT (UK) issues 5, 6, 7 & 8

via punks is hippies - the blog! by Slobodan Burgher on 5/6/08

Paul got in touch after finding his way to Punks Is Hippies and asked me if I wanted a stack of zines that he had laying around collecting dust. Now, whereas I obviously welcome all and any help with this blog/website/project I think that ultimately the real thing - the paper version of a zine- is the best format to read zines and I would therefore encourage people to keep hold of their old zines and rather give scanning a go themselves (it is actually not that tricky when it all comes down to it, takes about 10-20 minutes for a zine when you know what to do).


"Anyway I have got the issues of Riot that I have, scanned and RARed and hopefully on Rapidshare so there should be a link in here for you to try, if it works( it does for me) please post it on PIHblog for all the other zine freaks. I will try and start the Problem Childs next, they are pretty big beasts so it may take a while!"

"THE LINK! http://rapidshare.com/files/112943892/Riot5to8.rar. Just looked through these again, Mr Riot had avery good thing going on here, what a shame it had to stop..."


For me personally, this zine always hold a special place for me, not only was RIOT beautifully handwritten with prestine layout but "Joe Riot" was rather early I think when it came to some of the bands he writes about. An important voice back before the internet - punk historians take note: don't forget the zines! (Me as an historian myself, sort of, intended this site to perhaps become something like a resource to be used too by people writing punk monologues.)

Finally I am just going to say that as Papst Benedict keep saying, that this zine (perhaps) proves the point that PdFs are best for viewing online. Perhaps it's an individual zine thing?

And bytheways, I have begun today to migrate this blog to Wordpress because of its enhanced design capabilities over blogspot. But instead of importing all posts and reposting them there I am manually moving each zine, making subpages and a more structured website so it will be some time before it will be able to go "live". Some additional features at the new site will be a proper index group after country, name, bands interviewed etc. There will also be some space (I hope) for the more additional things that I mentioned in the beginning, such as transcripts of interviews, translations of foreign stuff, enhanced links and generally this I hope will make it a valuable resource for all and sundry. Needlesstosay, you will be informed as and when you need to update bookmarks etc (if you use the www.punksishippies.com URL then you don't need to do anything).

Here's a preview sampler of the next version of Punks Is Hippies:

Nuthin #19


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via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 5/6/08

Nuthin #19 / $2 / 60M / http://www.myspace.com/nuthin_zine / Nuthin is a zine that I feel disappears from my radar for a few months before coming back into focus. I always have a decent time reading their magazine, even if the interviews and columns seem to be a little on the longish side. The advertisements [...]


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Zine Review Template


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via zinebox.org by john.freeborn on 5/2/08

Random #3
# 3
by John Freeborn
Random is random. Contributions from Thom Lessner, Steve Williams, Susan Crawford, Timothy Walkiewivz, Evan Greenfield, Matt Sohl (who did the cover art), Dan Murphy, and Ian. Screen printed cover on construction paper that fades.
Website: www.randomzine.com Address: PO Box 1340, Exton, PA 19341
Email: john_freeborn@hotmail.com Price:
Orginal release date: Fall 2000 Page count: 28
Trades: y Adult content: n
Ads: n Size: Digest (8 1/2 x 5 1/2)

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Not My Small Diary #14 -The Dating Issue

via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on 5/6/08

Not My Small Diary #14 (Part 1 and 2) the dating issue. Part 1 68 digest pages, with part two a total of 138 pages of comics. Color stock paper covers with fancy ribbon string binding and attached mini comic size cover to the cover.
Delaine Derry Green has a fantastic package of comics here about true dating stories from 53 artist creators. This marks her 12th year of putting out Not My Small Diary. From the looks of this great body of work here I'm hoping she keeps it up for years to come. A very nicely designed package with comics from contibutors such as: Donna Barr, Suzanne Baumann, T. Motley, Jim Siergy, Maximum Traffic, Andrew Goldfar, Lee J. Green, Sara Gion and many many more. I read these cover to cover and was facinated with all the different stories and art styles. I love it. This is well worth $6 + $1 per set. So I give it a huge 5 out of 5 stars!
Delaine Derry Green/ 1204 Cresthill Road, Birmingham, AL 35213. delangel3@hotmail.com

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nuthin’ #17

via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 5/5/08
Nuthin' #17 / $? / 1:30 / 72M / http://www.myspace.com/nuthin_zine / Nuthin' is a zine that has moved into the realm of more classic zine like Maximumrocknroll. The size of the zine (both in terms of physical size and page count) is lower than that of MRNR, but there is a lot of material to [...]

Nuthin’ #17

via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 5/5/08
Nuthin' #17 / $? / 1:30 / 72M / http://www.myspace.com/nuthin_zine / Nuthin' is a zine that has moved into the realm of more classic zine like Maximumrocknroll. The size of the zine (both in terms of physical size and page count) is lower than that of MRNR, but there is a lot of material to [...]

Nuthin #2


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via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 5/5/08

Nuthin #2 / $1 / Half-Sized / 40 Pages / nuthin_zine@yahoo.com / Danny White, 2387 State Route 753, Washington Court House, OH 43160 / Two kids make this magazine something that has been lacking in the punk zine scene for many years : just a fun little read without overly reaching into politics or personal [...]


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No Snow Here #10


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via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 5/4/08

No Snow Here #10 / $? / 36S / :20 / no.snow.here@gmail.com / It has been a while since I've seen a personal zine of any sort, so reading No Snow Here took a decent chunk of time. The writer of this zine is Nadia, and the topics broached in this issue include Arab-American identity [...]


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Yee-Ha! Wolverette #3 out now!


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via Wolverette Zine by wolverette on 5/17/08

Thanks a lot to Claudia for the beautiful scan btw

Wanna have it (the zine, not the scan, of course…)? Click on "How to get the zine" on the left side; it's the same procedure as every year.

More info to follow soon.


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Hot & Cold in London


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via CR Blog by Kezia on 5/15/08

Hot and Cold issue three (boxed)

Hot & Cold is a collaborative art zine project created by Californian artists Chris Duncan and Griffin McPartland. Each issue invites up to 20 artists – with more joining as word spreads – to participate in creating this hand crafted, limited edition zine. A new exhibition of their collected work has just opened in London…

Front cover of an issue of Hot and Cold

Photocopied, stenciled, silk-screened, and stickered since its humble beginnings, Hot & Cold has worked with over 100 artists and has been shown at galleries all over the US. The zine has recently been acquired by New York's MoMA for their permanent collection and is currently on display at the Zombie Surfers exhibition, at London's very own Cell Gallery in Bethnal Green.

Hot & Cold issue five

Zines are designed to stand out and often offer an alternative to slick, excessively contrived design. But what makes Hot & Cold remarkable is that it wasn't a match made in heaven for the duo, who first created the zine in 2002. The fact that Duncan and McPartland are, as artists, aesthetic opposites is a driving concept behind Hot & Cold and is what provides the zine with its addictive charm.

The pair decided at the outset to emphatically agree to disagree about aesthetic direction – hence the title, Hot & Cold, which tells of how two different visions can creatively coexist. A new issue of Hot and Cold is released every three to four months, with copies selling out almost as soon as they are available.

Chris Duncan, one half of Hot & Cold, at work on the Hot and Cold Zines

There's no theme to each issue of the zine: Duncan and McPartland simply seek pages from artists from within their community whose work they admire. The pages come preprinted and ready to assemble and the pair then package everything into lovingly hand-sewn arrangements with hand-printed covers, tucking in lots of extra tidbits such as buttons, CDs and DVDs. One issue even came with a handmade wallet.

Hot and Cold issue three

Illustration. We're not sure what it is but it looks great

Duncan and McPartland actively promote the works of the artists who contribute to each zine and with every new issue there's an accompanying art show, displaying pieces from the zine and artwork made purely for the show, and a launch party are thrown – perfect to get those artists mingling.

Despite their increasing success with the project, it's actually drawing close to the release of its penultimate issue, as the duo decided from the outset that they would produce only ten issues.

Selected Hot & Colds

Selected Hot & Colds

Duncan and McPartland's next goal is to publish an anthology of all of the Hot & Cold issues and to curate a comprehensive group show of everyone who has ever contributed to the zine (if you're in the US, this is definitely something to look out for).

Selected Hot & Colds

Hot and Cold zines on display at the Cell Gallery's Zombie Surfers exhibition,
made out to look like a beach hut

A collection of Hot and Cold zines are on display in London at Cell Gallery's Zombie Surfers exhibition which runs until June 2.

More at the Hot & Cold Massive website.


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