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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Clam Juice #2

from Blackguard
ADULTS ONLY! 32 pages, digest size, by Carrie Q Contrary & Dexter Cockburn - www.carrieqcontrary.com + thecomixcompany.ecrater.com This issue is a team-up between Carrie and Dexter. Carrie has one side, flip the book and Dexter's got the other half including the other cover. Carrie's story, The Kitty Sisters, features Milly and Jilly waking up to a new day. They don't get outta the house, hell no, there's too much fun to be had together! And they sure seem to get along well! Dexter presents another tale of The Adventure Club, actually The Mystery of the Haunted Sea Part Two (Part One appeared (I think) in Oh My! Comix #2) - this one is an extended sequence between Pop and Scooter lost at sea. Alas, Pop will never see his pet hamster again, but Scooter takes his mind away from such concerns. Ah, Scooter!

Clam Juice #1

from Blackguard
ADULTS ONLY! 32 pages, digest size, by Carrie Q Contrary - www.carrieqcontrary.com The first strip here follows a young woman's busride. She manages to have fun without the aid of iPhones or iPads. Unheard of! (I think there's a Wii or two in there though.) Next up, 'Sexy Librarian' just loves to read. Yet, it's a strange kind of reading. Perhaps she has an eyeball in her vagina? Then a young man arrives and ask her where he can return his library books. She shows him, but if you ask me, it's an unusual place to put library books. The final story involves two schoolgirls ostensibly going to a schoolboy's house to study math. They shortly get rid of him and proceed to not study math, but rather one another's anatomical delights. For 'hot 'n' sexy' comix, Clam Juice has got it going on.

Cyanotype: a how-to guide

Zine Review: Cyanotype a how-to guide

Cyanotype: a how-to guide

This ¼ size zine introduces the world of using sunlight to make blueprints / exposures on paper, cotton, wool and other materials. The process involves some basic chemistry & a small darkroom set-up but can be done in anyone’s house or apartment. I appreciate how comprehensive this zine is – explaining the history and step by step process for producing your own cyanotype graphics. There is also a brief resource list for further reading / learning. Let's get away from the computer printer & back to basics (and fun).

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

International Zine Month 2012 from Spill The Zines!

International Zine Month 2012

via http://www.flickr.com/photos/hortensejones/

This Sunday (July 1st) marks the beginning of International Zine Month, and entire month dedicated to celebrating zines and independent publishing with people from all over the world. Here are two excellent ways to celebrate IZM:

flyer by Alex Wrekk

1. 31 Days of International Zine Month.
Alex compiled a list of things to do for every day in July to celebrate zines, the postal service, zine libraries, and distros. Some examples include teaching a friend or family member about zines, writing to a distro telling them you love what they do, and making your own envelopes. The full list can be found at
http://www.stolensharpierevolution.org/international-zine-month/, or you can download a PDF of the above image to copy and distribute here.


2. 24 Hour Zine Thing
This challenge asks zinesters to create a 24-page zine in 24 hours straight, on any day they wish during IZM. The zine must be created from conception to final product during this time, so you can't approach the challenge knowing exactly what you're going to create! It's all about being adventurous and setting a challenge for yourself. Read more and sign up to the challenge at

What are you guys hoping to do to celebrate International Zine Month? Do any of these challenges particularly grab you? Let us know in the comments!


p.s. For those of you who noticed, I'm sorry I didn't write any zine reviews on Sunday. They're going to have to be a week late, because I'm rubbish. They'll be done in the form of a vlog though, so hopefully worth the wait!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stolen Sharpie Revolution Updates

"Aimed at school-aged students and young people, the Ipswich Youth Arts Community Zine Project will bring together participants to create a collaborative zine (A5 booklet), focused around the sense of place and community,"


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Green Woman Magazine

Green Woman Magazine

Green Woman Magazine Winter/Spring 2012 POB 6587 Colorado Springs, CO 80934-6587 www.greenwomanmagazine.com $12.50 two issue subs Another great issue of Green Woman Magazine. The name of this magazine might put some people off in the sense that they may think that the publication is solely written by and for women (I was kind of under this impression when it first showed up in my mailbox). This is not the case, and in fact, doesn’t feel like it’s written in any kind of gender specific way at all. I think the title is more of a statement about the two women who edit it, and not the content per se. At least that’s my take on it. Anyway, this issue is packed full of great earth-friendly articles on a wide variety of subjects ranging from Canning, community gardens, honey, raising turkeys, climate change (the basics of), beetles, bees, an interview with musician and garden-freak Christa Decicco, a fascinating article about George Washington Carver that was a truly inspiring look into the virtues of curiosity and hard work. I loved Dan Murphy’s column about slowing down un-plugging and attempting to live a more simple rock life (Melvins unplugged would be amazing). There’s even a page of Wilson Bentley snowflake photos! (I love Bentley snowflake photos) Green Woman magazine is new and full of momentum. It’s a great resource for connecting to all kinds of folks involved in sustainability on all fronts. A fine magazine worthy of your support.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

new zines and stuff in distro

at www.dorisdorisdoris.com/zines

Support Marie Mason Tee-shirts
Marie Mason is my pen pal, and a political prisoner. She is serving the longest prison sentence of any environmental activist in the US. 22 years for damaging an office connected to GMO research, and destroying a piece of logging equipment. No one was injured or killed. Marie is a mother of 2, and was a community organizer, journalist, and song writer. She worked to link environmental and labor movements. She was snitched out by her then-husband, and has been labeled a "terrorist". Even if you don't agree with her acts, the outrageous sentences is insane, and a clear tactic by the government to place fear into environmental, and other activist groups.
All proceeds from tee-shirt sales go directly to Marie's prison fund.
also, check out her website at supportmariemason.org and consider placing a further donation.

wrought iron #1
beautifully written, small stories that add up to a whole: working a piza place and making pizza and how tactile it is, like sewing or metal working, put also just a repetive wage job; trying to go to the Beehive Design Collective annual party but getting side tracked by the ocean; madness and mania; working against mountain top removal; places they felt at home and not at home; Salem witch trials. This zine is more than the content of the stoires, it brings yo uin with it's detailed wiring, to a life beautifully lived and searching.

on the road to healing: an anthology for men ending sexism
this book was originally a series of zines that came out between 1998 and 2004. I was always so impressed by the work basil was doing, and am excited to have these zines all together in a book! It's a great collection of short, accessible, powerful essays and stories. Includes: The Cult of Manhood, My Reisistance to Feminism, Intentional Masculinities Interview, Personal Goals for Ending Sexism, and a ton more!

So You Want to Start a Feminist Collective... a flight plan for newly-hatching flock
This is an excellent resource and great inspiration for starting a feminist collective, from the For the Birds collective in NYC. It includes their new member packet, witch details their structure and organization, an article about obstacles they've encountered and solutions, "What We Do, How We Do It," and more! It is so important that we form collectives and learn to work and fight and learn together, and this is a great beginning! Get it and start a group!

Black Out #1
by Tara from Stunned Lungs, this beautiful layed out, smart and haunting zine discusses the relationship they've had with their body, doing polyamory badly and irresponsibly, surviving rape/non consentual sex as a teenager, self-care and resistance to self-care, growing up poor, and more.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zine Review: Railroad Semantics #5

Zine Review: Railroad Semantics #5

Railroad Semantics #5
100 pages / half letter

Imagine you’ve embarked on a journey with only a few essential items in your backpack & a not-so-trusty cellphone … almost everywhere you travel on this journey you will be breaking the law, and almost everyone you encounter may be hostile. You’ll take pictures & write in a notebook as a chronicle of your journey. You’ll brave the elements. You may not arrive at your intended destination, and if you do arrive, it may not be on your timetable or on your terms. And almost everything you do on your journey poses a physical risk.

You’ll find all of this & more in Aaron Dactyl ‘s zine Railroad Semantics. Issue #5 continues the tradition of trainhopping journals from the tracks. Aaron relates his misadventures and is a tour guide into a rarely seen world, traversing ominous and beauteous landscapes. His zine includes news clippings related to train culture, exceptional photography, and lots of pics of railroad graffiti … this is a zine to disappear into … you can almost feel the rumble beneath the boxcar as you read. Highly literate & highly recommended.

Railroad Semantics is available from Microcosm Publishing.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

San Antonio Public Library

It was the last two days of school. The people at Tobin Library got busy drawing, gluing, jeweling, xeroxing, folding, stapling, and distributing the May 2012 issue of T Zine. It has art, photos, and playlists that saved your life. Stop by Tobin at Oakwell Library and ask for T Zine. Or ask for it here. Teens only made 50 copies strong, and they’re almost gone.


Scranton Zine Festival

Meoni is organizing the second annual Scranton Zine Festival, along with Dana Marie Bloom and Brian Fanelli, which will take place at New Visions Studio and Gallery starting at noon on Saturday, June 9

Read more: http://golackawanna.com/stories/Bringing-creative-people-together,158565?category_id=110&town_id=7&sub_type=stories#ixzz1wlp2Bvuw

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Journal POP! Zine - Image Transfers

Women of Color Zine Symposium

Women of Color Zine Symposium

June 2, 2012
9:30 am - 3:00 pm
PSU’s Smith Memorial Center
724 SW Harrison St
Portland,OR 97201

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dessine moi un Copain

Video On Paper Zine/Art Book

31. May. 2012
karenychan /
New York City / International
I am an artist working on a small publication called "Video On Paper" that will feature the works of 25 international video artists selected through an open call. The artists have already been selected for the first issue and I'm now in the design stage. I would like to request help from someone who has experience with printing small art books and/or zines or perhaps you are an independent publisher who is interested in supporting this project.
For more information, visit:
For more on my work, visit:
I am not sure how many hours this will take, but would be happy to work it out with you! Also, you don't need to be in NYC.
Thank you,

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