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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How I Learned to Love Myself, and Occasionally Other Men #1


via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 3/11/08

How I Learned to Love Myself, and Occasionally Other Men #1 / :15 / $.50 / Trade / 24S / http://www.beetfarm.org/tunazine / Grilled Tuna Zines / 1357 West Augusta #1 / Chicago, Illinois / 

This zine is probably the most hard-hitting and intensely personal of zines that I have ever read. Dealing with the realization of the editor about ey's queerness, ey uses vivid metaphors and interesting animations to make the story pop into one's head. Leading up to the girlfriends that ey dated that never really got eir off until the first few encounters with men and later realization about the fluidness of sexuality, the zine speeds by at an amazing clip but never leaves the individual wanting more. By far, what I can honestly say I dig most in this issue is a stick-figure with the following thought bubble: "sucking dick is fucking cool". I mean honestly, who among us would honestly say it, or be much more brave and write it out for the world to see? This is not being closeted or anything, but how many people are sexually liberated enough in this puritanical world to say something along those lines? How I Learned to Love Myself is like a coming-of-age movie in a much more static form; where the individual comes out not knowing jack about the ways of the world, through experience ey is able to become happy with eir's situation and all is right with the world. Black text on white paper, with only a few stray animations to jazz things up is how this zine is laid out, and it honestly provides a great irony: things are never just black and white, especially those events that ey recounts in this issue, and yet they are rendered in that way. Pick this up.

Rating: 9.3/10


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