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Monday, May 20, 2019

Tappavat Kädet #1

Tappavat Kädet #1

Written and drawn By Leo Kuikka 

23cm x 17cm, black and white, colour covers.

32 pages, with A4 translation sheet. 

What happens when you're up to date with the epic Finnish comic book saga LäskimoosesHow do you manage the transition back to reality while you wait for the latest issue? With a spin off series of course. 

Tappavat Kädet (roughly Lethal Hands) is set in the same universe, but separated from it as a self contained story. The narrative centres around the thoroughly dislikable Pasi Lihavisto. We follow the trudge of his daily grind - sleeping at his office desk, drinking too much, escalating arguments with his wife, guilt ridden efforts with his children. His real life xenophobic tendencies lead to daily dreams of being a violent Chinese emperor, taken with enacting barbaric punishment to anyone that crosses him. 

The fantasy soon crosses over to real life as a mysterious heat takes over his hands - the best way to describe it is a kind of Kung Fu energy - a powerful weapon against those unlucky enough to get in the way. 

The frameless sketch book style of art gives a lot of fluidity and space to the narrative. It's a welcome expansion to the Läskimooses magaverse, although it's one that is only four parts long. 

Buy a copy here: http://www.kreegah.net/leo-kuikka-tappavat-k%C3%A4det-1.html

And don't forget to check out Läskimooses while you're there. 

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