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Monday, October 19, 2009



via CRUCIAL 'ZINE :: 'BRIDGE CITY 'ZINE CORE by noreply@blogger.com ('Bridge Crew) on 10/14/09
YO! The following people and distros have been mailed copies of issue IV of CRUCIAL 'ZINE, so if you're into paper zines, hit these people up! People from Greece may need to wait a week or so until the postal service does its job.

Billy's Skate, BMX and Kite shop (Cambridge)
Last Gang In Town Distro (Cambridge)
Ed Ache and I.C.H. (Colchester)
What Would Henry Rollins Do? Zine/Distro (Norwich)

Highland Punk Distro (Invergordon)
and Raph (Edinburgh/Glasgow)

Scarecrow Distro (Athens),
True To The Game Records/Distro (Larisa)
World's Appreciated Kitsch Records/Distro (Volos)

There may be more people who have hard copies of issue 4, so we'll update this list when we find out. We've nearly run out of copies, so if you want any, hit us up and have a look at the distros! Issue 5 should be dropping end of the year and it's going to be MASSIVE!


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