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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Giveaway #20: Good to Know zines set [115]

via Pikaland - Article by Amy on 10/14/09

Oh I know that Tuesday went and passed. And there wasn't supposed to be a giveaway this week because I'm trying to finish up the second installment of the Etsy recap (the first one is here).

But then again I thought I shouldn't let you all go off without at least a prospect of owning something lovely, so I'm putting up a giveaway for a complete set of Good to Know zines (yes, issues #1 through to #5!) to ONE lucky commenter.

Just comment on this post by 21st October and one of you will get a very hefty package of zines that's chock full of advice + inspirations for creatives peeps! (If you already own some of the zines, then we can exchange them for future issues – I'm totally cool with that.)

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