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Monday, October 19, 2009

Hop A Plane (to yet another Tegan and Sara show)


via Everyone's Blog Posts - We Make Zines by marchingstars on 10/17/09
Hop A Plane (to yet another Tegan and Sara show)

1/2 sized, 40 pages, £1.

I love Tegan and Sara. I took a year off between school and university. Between August '07 - September '08 I saw Tegan and Sara play 27.5 times in 8/11 countries (depending on how you count).
I kept a diary for 22 of those shows.

This is the padded out version of that diary, complete with lovely pictures and other random things I picked up along the way.

You should get this zine if:
- You love Tegan and Sara
- You love another band and want to follow them on tour
- You love another band and have followed them on tour
- You want to see what happens when someone loves a band and has a spare year with more time and money than sense.

"nicely put together, bullshit free and bluntly honest" – someone on some Tegan and Sara forums

(The printing turned out AMAZINGLY so whilst it's very much collagey/cut+paste, everything is really HQ for a zine.)

UK: £1.75 including postage
Europe: £2.50/2.75 euros including postage
Rest of World: £3/$4.90 including postage
Paypal to distro@marchingstars.co.uk or email me for a mailing address.


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