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Thursday, October 22, 2009

new zines

via Everyone's Blog Posts - We Make Zines by Melanie on 10/21/09
I have been busy working / writing on a new zine since February. The content has been coming along nicely & I think I have enough stuff written up now, to put the issue out. So as soon as I have enough 'free time' I will be typing up & laying out the zine. This issue is going to be Rebel In Magenta #17 and its going to have a lot to do with turning 30 and what that did to me (my thoughts, changes in life, thinking back. etc). I'm really excited about this issue.
I also recently started writing more things that will not fit into this zine, but fit into another zine. Which is why I have also planned to make Dirty July #2 and this issue will have 3 different stories all having something to do with the month of July (issue #1 was not a concept zine like this,but I did explain where the title came from!). I'm also very excited about this as well. I am thinking about putting the zines out together as a two-pack. So I'm just waiting on time. I'm gonna be laid off soon, so I should be working on these zines a whole lot within the next month or so!! Yay!!

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