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Monday, September 21, 2009



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ARCHIBALD, HENRIETTA & THE DIRIGIBLES by Nicholas Moran, Tom West & Imogen Munro

 This is a zeen by Nick Moran, whose finch artwork I dug @ the BIG exhibition mid 2009. The zeen is a storybook style read, adding context to the finch art. Archibald & Henrietta are the names of Nick's finches, they're 30 metres tall & preside over a worn down, isolated city somewhere. That is until the dirigibles arrive w/ hints of progress. The birds are driven from the skies & then it's on. It's an A6 portrait format # w/a colour paper skin (mine's blue) & B&W guts. It's a good companion to Nick's art on the wall. Inside the zeen the art's a little sketchier than the wall, or flickr art, but by no means less pleasant, perhaps more suitable for the black & white. & The story, written w/ Tom & Imogen is imaginative & takes the reader to enjoyable places. There does seem to be a lack of balance between image & text through the course of the zeen though. It works well @ the beginning, when the dirigibles arrive in the story the words disappear in favour of dirigible sketches & the showdown between the birds & airships is mostly text. This may be a thematic choice but the small zeen hasn't the page count to make these distinctive, epic as the story is. 30 metre finches, wow, sewn binding.


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