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Monday, September 28, 2009

News: Dead Bait contents announced


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via HorrorScope by Shane Jiraiya Cummings on 9/25/09
Dead BaitThe contents for the debut anthology from Melbourne-based publisher Severed Press, Dead Bait, has been announced. Dead Bait is edited by Romana Baotic & Gary Lucas.

NZ writer Hayden Williams is amongst the contributing authors. The full list of contributors is:
  • "Fox Goes Fission" By Ron Lemming
  • "Chum Bucket" By Eric Hermanson
  • "Test Drive" By Mike Norris
  • "Old Man and the Puddle" By Hayden Williams
  • "Brunch" By James Harris
  • "Crawlies" By David Dunwoody
  • "Jungle Rot" By Steve Lowe
  • "Under the Boardwalk" By Julius James DeAngelus
  • "Noodlers" By Murphy Edwards
  • "Grim Adaptations" By Aaron A. Polson
  • "Blood in the River" By Steven R. Southard
  • "Piraya" By Tim Curran
  • "The Hanged Man" By Bosley Gravel
  • "Something Fishy is Going On" By Mark Zirbel
  • "Topwater" By C.J. Killmer
  • "Dawes" By Steve Ruthenbeck
  • "Searching for Sea Monsters" by Lance Schonberg
  • "Lobster Stew" By Gregory L. Norris
  • "Death Roe" By Mark Onspaugh
Dead Bait is on sale now from the Severed Press website.

Source: Severed Press


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