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Friday, September 1, 2017

Unbridled Enthusiasm - Vol 1, No 3

Unbridled Enthusiasm - Vol 1, No 3. Summer 2017. 

by Matt Gholson

14cm x 21.5cm, 28 b&w pages.

Single issues $3 or trades

Unbridled Enthusiasm is a really engaging perzine - it draws you effortlessly into someone else's town, interests, and relationships. Like many of the best zines, Matt is someone who is making a zine simply because he wants to make a zine, and draws upon his life to fill it.

I loved the interview with Matt's wife about her passion for Post Crossing - the postcard sending website; 
the Mysterious Battery and the Spoon Thief are like the best stories in a local newspaper from a place isn't your own town; Stories From My Dentist might encourage you to get your teeth checked more regularly, if only for the storytelling; Matt's honesty about swimming and his interest in inkjet printers is both sweet and endearing; and the photography project that revisits the same small town locations, with a better camera, 13 years later is right up my street (it reminds me of some of the projects the French writer George Perec carried out). 

If you have an interest in the technical aspects of photography there is something extra here for you too - both in the discussion about using film in 2017, and the details of the cameras used for the photos that fill the zine. Unbridled Enthusiasm is nicely put together, and the b&w photos really pop out of the page. I look forward to reading future issues.

Contact Matt mattgholson (at) gmail [dot] com to buy a copy or to arrange a trade. Matt runs a great website that catalogues zine trades he's made - it's that spirit in the zine world that I'm utterly a fan of. 

Check out photozinetrader.com for more info. 

Review by Nathan Penlington

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