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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Local Vocals - your guide to kick-ass karaoke

Local Vocals - your guide to kick-ass karaoke

by Kari Tervo

20 pages, 14cm x 21.5cm 


If you are alive at this point in history, reading this, and you haven't ever been to a karaoke night - I have to ask - what the hell have you been doing with your life?

Karaoke is the most inclusive form of performance there is. If you can't sing - it's for you. If you can sing - it's for you. If you can't dance - it's for you. If you are a natural performer - it's for you. If you have never been in front of an audience before - it's for you. In short, you can be a brilliantly terrible off-key mess and still nail the best performance of the night.  

Local Vocals is a zine designed to help prepare you for karaoke stardom. It takes you step by step through karaoke keystones, how to pick the right song, a field guide to karaoke singers, and the merits of a karaoke bar vs a karaoke booth. There are also notes on the care and feeding of a karaoke audience, how not to be an asshole at karaoke, prepping a kick ass performance, and a series of advanced tips to enhance the entertainment value of your performance. If you're a karaoke regular, novice, or virgin, you'll get something of value from this fun, well observed, practical, and nicely produced zine.

Go and buy and copy, and then go and kick-ass with your karaoke.

Visit Kari's Etsy shop to pick this zine - and many more: etsy.com/listing/547344061/local-vocals-your-guide-to-kick-ass

Review by Nathan Penlington

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