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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Blank Expression - Issue 3

Blank Expression - Issue 3

by Nathan Sands, Jess Bhikha, and team

A5, 16 coloured pages.

£: Free where stocked, donations encouraged

Blank Expression is an alternative music / DIY culture zine representing the scene in and around Coventry (for non-UK readers of SZR: Coventry is the 12th largest city in the UK, located in the Midlands, about 20 miles from Birmingham).

Issue 3 includes gig and EP reviews, a DIY fashion feature on taking inspiration from 70s subcultures and going your own way, and an interview with the mighty Sleaford Mods. Yes, the actual Sleaford Mods! 

Interestingly, not only does Blank Expression exist to shine a light on whats happening right now, it also delves into the zine and music culture of Coventry of years gone by - rightfully being proud of the art produced by the people of the city. An interview with Martin Bowes, who was responsible for the Alternative Sounds zine which began in 1979, raises interesting points about DIY culture - past and present. 

Blank Expression is a nicely produced zine, with full colour illustrations and photographs throughout - many taken by Nathan and Jess. It is clearly written with enthusiasm, and that enthusiasm spills over - in fact it sent me scrambling to bandcamp a few times. If one of the aims of zine is to shine a spotlight on new music, it is certainly doing its job! 

The zine is free where stocked (try the local HMV, Fargo Village, and Blue Banana) - but if you'd like a copy all you have to do is contribute £1 towards stamps, or for £5 you will be sent a mystery bundle that includes a tape and CD. If you're into alternative music you won't be disappointed.

The Blank Expression shop is here: blankexpressionzine.bigcartel.com/products

Or check out the digital editions: blankexpressionzine.wordpress.com

Review by Nathan Penlington

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