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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zine Showcase #15: The Great Zine Giveaway Edition

Zine Showcase #15: The Great Zine Giveaway Edition

Weeks ago I won a zine giveaway on Tea & Chickadees blog and shamefully have not found the time to post about it until now. I was ecstatic to have won so today's Zine Showcase is dedicated to five out of the twelve zines I received.

Amanda Dale

I Love Poor Spelling & Bad Grammar // Currently unavailable

Well I don't. Poor spelling and bad grammar causes me to seethe with rage and promptly correct the mistakes verbally or (to the horror of those around me) with the nearest pen to hand. When the most basic rules of grammar are quite simple to grasp and being unsure how to spell a particular word is easily remedied by the ever ready spell-check; leaving glaring errors is incomprehensible. Typos I can deal with, uncorrected mistakes are unforgivable.

Zombies: The Zine

Brilliant! Zombies, pop icons and historical figures combined to make Zombies: The Zine. I am a true lover of classic zombie films so this zine is simply perfect for my collection. Unfortunately there are absolutely no details to say who made it or where it might have come from.

David Gassaway

Website // Shop
Loneliness: A Colouring Book // $8.00 + shipping

Nine beautiful illustrations depicting loneliness, solitude and despair. Hand-bound with a colour cover and drawings for you to colour in (although why would you? They're perfect just the way they are) Loneliness: A Colouring Book is utterly divine. With a fantastically original illustration style, David Gassaway has produced a beautifully haunting zine.

Nathan Carter

Website // Shop // Tumblr
Will You Marry Me.. Kidding Pools & Whiskey Sours // $1 + shipping

Will You Marry Me.. is a quarter- (unfolding into A4) sized zine, black and white printed on gorgeous teal coloured paper. This issue features gardening, slugs and allergies. Having only recently purchased Sasquatch and the internet editions, I am a follower of Nathan Carter's Will You Marry Me.. series and thrilled to have another of his zines to add to my collection. The individual editions read like snippets of diary entries accompanied by wonderfully sketchy illustrations.

Colleen Mckeown and Christopher Postill

Website // Shop
EZ Grocery & Video // $8.00 + shipping

More a comic book than a zine, EZ Grocery & Video breaks itself down into individual comics/zines which, in turn, builds up to a complete graphic novel. The narrative revolves around characters living in a West End Toronto street and deals with community living. 26 pages of fabulously put together black and white content featuring a gloriously emotive story.

South Paw: More Than Likely by Kristilyn
Bird Wizards #2 by Joycer
Liquorice #5 by NJ Streeten and Sally Plowman

Sho Ga Nai by Heather Bryant
Please Keep Sharing by Nathan Carter
Food Stamps Foodie #1 by Milkyboots
Wants (Is that so much to ask for?) by Skylaar Amann

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