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Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh My Clumsy Heart

Zine Showcase #14: London Edition

Cut Me Up

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Cut Me Up #1 // £3 + shipping

An A6 colour zine that folds out into an A3 poster, a collaborative project by Kraggy and iamanoctopus. A bright mash-up of popular culture references, heavy on typography and featuring some immense illustration work.

Punch A Priest

Traditional tattoos are a great love of mine, I find them to have a somewhat cartoonish nature unique to their design that makes them captivating. Punch A Priest borrows from the traditional tattoo style and re-interprets it with re-imagined, embellished designs.

Sabba Khan

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An illustrated deconstruction of a watch; quite a unique and wonderful zine. Refusing to wear any time piece at all and knowing very little about the mechanics but being quite curious about the subject, I found this zine, which details the various parts of a watch, incredibly fascinating. Interestingly enough the alignment of the illustrations upon the pages makes you feel as if they had been taken out of the watch and placed right in front of you.

Pablo Jones-Soler

10 Reasons Not To Bother Coming To Earth

Turning a blind eye to the glaring grammatical error on the front cover (I am an unapologetic grammar enthusiast) this zine make me laugh and nod in agreement; Loathe people who dress their pets in clothes? Check! Appalled at "popular music"? Check! Despise the downfall of common decency? Check! An excellent choice of 10 reasons not to bother coming to earth (that is, if you're an alien).

Pablo Jones-Soler


A zine full of dog profiles; minimal with a sketchbook feel. Not much else to say except this is one awesome zine.

This Year I Have

There are no details at all for this zine, which is a terrible shame since I like it a whole heap. Lists are brilliant; I make them for almost everything and enjoy reading other peoples. This zine lists 100 things 'anonymous' has achieved so far this year combining the mundane with the marvellous.

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