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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Witch Kunt #7

Witch Kunt #7

2 A3 pages folded into digest size, $?, by Gene Symptoms - witchkunt[at]gmail.com
[Big thanks to Monty Rubera for sending me a package of zines from his distro (info on that coming soon, I hope) - this is one of 'em.]
With a name like that, I would be surprised if the zine wasn't any good. (I wasn't surprised.)
A short story by Mike Connelly (the weakest thing in here), then the rest is noise music reviews, poetry and a long list of song titles that AC/DC missed out on (eg. Big Dog Balls, Goin' Off (A Cliff), She's Got A Big Ass, Guns With Balls, Whiskey Dick, and at least 50 more).
The poems in here are pretty good. A pleasant surprise! Here's my favourite:
you need to drive around aimlessly
with cannibal corpse fuckin cranked
preferably 'tomb of the mutilated' or 'butchered at birth'.
smoke a lil grass.
smoke a lot of cigs.
park down by the river
and down some hard liquor.
cry a little during 'i cum blood'.
then go to that bitch's house and carve her ass up.
your heart is in 8 pieces.
make sure she leaves the house in 8 garbage bags.
The music reviews are damn good reading too. Descriptions like "pure haunted torture" and "...tethered to the faceless monolithic power drones" make me wanna make it my Number One priority to track these releases down immediately.
I'll have to get the back issues though if I wanna read more of Gene's reviews because in this issue he announces that he's finished with 'em, since he been spending too much time analyzing and not enough time enjoying.
On the minus side: Where the fuck is the real physical ordering address for this zine? Too many zines these days only have a goddam email address. You have a paper zine - get an address for paper mail.

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