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Sunday, December 14, 2008

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via SIZE MATTERS: The Mini-Comics Blog by Shawn Hoke on 11/25/08

So…Buttons by Jonathan Baylis So…Buttons is seven stories over twenty-four pages. Jonathan Baylis enlists artists T.J. Kirsch, Mr. Alan, and David Beyer Jr. to illustrate his slice of life vignettes.

Jonathan's work in these stories has an easy conversational rhythm. The first piece, "So…My Dad Got Drafted," works well and feels intimate, but suffers from an impersonal font that even includes Jonathan's words as slanted italics. Mr. Alan's exaggerated and chunky line is appealing though.

David Beyer Jr. pencils a few stories, including the two lengthiest, "So… Racist" and "So… Only Nixon Could've Gone to China.' David's art stands out by its use of grey shaded tones to craft the backgrounds of each panel. He does a fantastic job showing Jonathan as a child and highlighting his Jewishness in contrast to those around him.
T.J. Kirsch works in color in So… Buttons. Each of his three sections is in a glossy color similar to the cover. His work is probably the most immediately appealing, especially in "So… I'm Dating a Comic." Here his angular and attractive art dances against a changing color palette. Jonathan's stories feel comfortable and immediate. There's nothing here that will amaze or challenge the reader, but you'll feel like you know him and his characters. You recognize yourself and your friends in these tales, which makes it easy to recommend So… Buttons.

This 24-page mini is wrapped under a thick, glossy, color cover that reminds you of an old crime comic. T.J. Kirsch's art ably lends it that seedy, desperate look.

Visit Jonathan's website for more information about his work. His ordering page gives you several options for getting your hands on the three dollar So… Buttons.


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