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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Call for Submissions: a tribute to sound idea records and bob suren


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Bacontowne's next issue is a tribute to sound idea records and bob suren. the record store closed last month after 13 and a half years. it was the best diy record store in florida and people traveled from all over to visit. we are looking for sound idea related columns, stories about bob and the store and also, we would like to hear from touring bands that have played there. we can also use art, photos and old ads related to the store. anything sound idea related. deadline is december 19, 2008. the zine will be in print and formally released on january 21, 2009. this is coincidentally heather bacontowne's 30th birthday!

marck and heather bacontowne
bacontowne records///sinkhole zine
po box 1063
tallevast, fl 34270


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