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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Small Press Review: WAC Comics


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I'm currently reading The Pixar Touch: The Making of a Company. I guess that is an unusual way to start a small press review but it will make more sense when you read on.

The small press comics I have here are by WAC Comics, which is a comics group that operates out of Miamisburg, OH. WAC Comics consists of Justin Wasson, Mike Adams, Ray Curtis & Bruce Hughes.

So here we have issue #1 & #2 of Tim Reisen and the Chronologists. Tim Reisen and his family have a few unusual problems to face, that come from being time travelers, like trying to outrun dinosaurs. The art is top notch, crisp black and white images that reproduce well with great attention to detail and backgrounds that you don't always get in these style of books.

If you like a good adventure story, an Indiana Jones with time travel - you will be sure to get a kick out of these. They are really well done!

Maybe it's a bit of a spoiler, but the Evil-Lyn/Evil Queen from Snow White like villianess slays Steve Jobs in the story. When I read this, it didn't mean a thing to me.

Because I did not know who Steve Jobs was.

I actually asked Justin if Steve was "one of those people on the televisions". Luckily, he couldn't reach through the instant messanger to slap me.

Steve Jobs the co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc.
With all the time I've spent hunched over bathed in the glowing light of well loved computers, from the old Apple IIe to the Power Macs I should have thought maybe once or twice about where they came from.

Nope. Didn't think of it. So that will be one of the many useless facts I will now never forget.

Steve Jobs may be well known for Apple, but it was Pixar, not Apple, made Steve Jobs a billionaire. Which is something I only recently learned from the book that I'm reading. But that thought rung a bell in the old noggin' telling me to scan in these WAC Comics and put them up.


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