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Monday, June 23, 2008

Zeen Review: Erinsborough Exploits #22



I guess by #22 Elle's got the production of 'EE' pretty much down pat. It's distinctly similar to the last issue I read, #19. We get a bunch of 'Neighbours' screen shots with Elle writing in her own dialogues with a cute response from a prank letter written as one of the characters sent to her PO Box (4201, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001). I don't have a huge basis of comparison for examples of 'Neighbours' fan participation, so I'd have to just say this is one that I enjoy, rather than my all time favourite, though it's tempting. It makes me want to enjoy 'Neighbours' like I did when I was in school, or my old housemate who watched it religiously. Like any new thing though, I don't really have the time to dedicate as much as this fandom requires. Instead, the time I make to read this zeen serves as my 'Neighbours' fix. Reading 'EE' is like my condensed version of a month or so of 'Neighbours', the same way 'SPRAK!' saves me having to sit through a bunch of B-Grade movies & I just learn what I need to know, these are like the 'Cliff's Notes' of their subject texts. 'EE' Fills me in on who's who in Erinsborough @ the mo & replacing their irrelevant chatter with zeen savvy banter more to my own cultural persuasions. A5 portrait format, sewn binding, B&W guts w/ handcrafty cover ($5 to the PO Box gets you a mini subscription).


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