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Sunday, June 15, 2008



via Xerography Debt by noreply@blogger.com (Eric Lyden) on 5/21/08
A free joke for anyone who's going to see the IRON MAN movie- as soon as Robert Downey Jr. appears on screen say "Gee whiz, he sure looks different than he did when he hosted that talk show 20 years ago." Because you'd be confusing Robert Downey Jr. with Morton Downey Jr. and everyone would laugh their asses off because... well, who doesn't remember Morton Downey Jr.? For a bonus laugh when you see the HULK trailer and you see Ed Norton you can say "Wow, he sure looked different when he was on the HONEYMOONERS." and that'll be another huge laugh. Because the only thing more popular than 20 year old talk shows are 50 year old sitcoms. Just doing my bit to make you a funnier person.

NOT MY SMALL DIARY #14- I was listening to the radio the other day and the hosts were reminiscing about the days when saying "not!" at the end of a statement was considered to be a funny joke. It occurred to me that if it was still 1988 this zine might be called My Small Diary... Not! How funny would that be? It'd be very funny... not! See, it still holds up. From here on out whenever anyone speaks to me my reply will be either "Not!" or "That's what she said!" One of the 2 is pretty much guaranteed to be funny. See, this is what happens when I'm not dealing with paper. Since no one's footing the bill to print it up I feel like I can babble. Especially since my review of this zine can be summed up in 2 words- buy it! Seriously, it's great. It's a 2 volume set, a grand total of 138 pages of various small press cartoonists telling short stories about dating. Some of the stories are happy, some are sad, some are creepy. Some of the contributors are great artists, some can barely draw at all but still manage to tell their story in pictures. Some of the contributors are old favorites (seriously, I haven't seen anything from Sarah Oleksyk in years. And it's always nice to see work from Androo Robinson and John Porcellino) some are new favorites (Nicole Georges, Noah von Scriver, Richard Cowdry to name a few) and one artist whose work I've really never liked at all. But one dud out of 53 ain't too shabby. Recommended.

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Tomorrow I'll post my review of 600 RUBLES and maybe more if I'm in the mood.


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