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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hoopla hits the shops


via Radical Cross Stitch by kakariki on 6/18/08

For those of you who still haven't got the hang of buying things through the interwebby, I've started putting hoopla in some shops and libraries.

As of yesterday hoopla #1 & #2 are on the shelves at Sticky in the Flinders Subway in Melbourne.

There's a few copies on their way to the Freedom Shop in Wellington and Black Star Books in Dunedin and the Huon Valley Environment Centre in Tasmania.

There's also copies winging their way to the Papercut Zine Library and the Loophole Zine Library.

And there's copies heading to the Marching Stars Zine Distro.

Plus, of course, all the contributors should be receiving their copies in the post soon!

If you know any other zine distro/info shop/library or whatever that might be interested in having some copies, get in touch. Or if you just want a copy yourself, check the Radical Rags etsy store. And I'm interested in trading if you've got your own zine, or make patches, or badges or crafty stuff of any kind.

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